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An open source, self-hosted, chaos engineering toolbox

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Please refer to the official documentation website for any information related to the project.

CI dashboard

Pystol uses GitHub actions and badges to run all the CI tasks, the result of running these tasks is represented using badges.

In particular we embrace the use of CI dashboard as information radiators.

We created the badgeboad project to show the value of any set of badges as a dashboard.

For more information you can open the CI dashboard directly or go to the project page in GitHub.

Container images

All pystol official container images are hosted in under the Pystol organization.

There you will find two repositories:

  • The Pystol staging repository. Here you will find all the container images from the upstream end-to-end jobs from the GitHub Actions jobs.

  • The Pystol stable repository. Here you will find all the container images from the stable branches.


Pystol is open source software licensed under the Apache license.

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