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Media - An advanced Media & File Manager

Bludit Version Support Me

The Media Bludit Plugin adds a feature-rich Media & File Manager to your Bludit Website.

You can use Media directly on its own custom administration page, but it also takes over the known "Images" popup on the content creation view. So you don't need to switch between your browser tabs to directly insert your files (the Media Plugin supports Audio & Video files too).


  • Walk smoothly through your upload directories
  • Revise, Rename and Delete your stuff quickly
  • Embed your files seamless while editing your posts...
    • ...with support for Image, Video & Audio files
  • [COMING] Automatic Thumbnail Creation (with adaptable size)
  • [COMING] A better and configurable way to Insert your files

Support us with Media+ or a Coffee

You can support us and the development of our Media Bludit Plugin with the purchase of the MediaPlus version, which contains always the latest features and the following exclusive stuff.

  • Search through your folders, Find your files quickly
  • Favourite folders and files so you never lose them again
  • One-Time Payment: Pay once, Get all future updates
  • [COMING] Resize and Edit your images with an easy-to-use tool
  • [COMING] Offer your awesome pictures in different sizes
  • [COMING] Show your images as awesome Galleries on your website

You can buy the MediaPlus Plugin on

You can also support us by giving us a coffee on

Buy Me A Coffee

Thanks for your support and for using our Media Plugin


  • PHP v7.2.0+
  • Bludit 3.9.0+
  • Compatible Editor Plugin
  • Modern Browser (no support for Internet Exporer)


The following awesome dependencies are included in this package.


  1. Download the Media or Buy the Media Plus Plugin
  2. Upload the main plugin folder to your bl-plugins directory of your Bludit Website(s)
  3. Enable the "Media" or "Media Plus" Plugin on the Plugins admin page

Copyright & License

Published under the MIT-License; Copyright © 2019 - 2020 pytesNET.


Become a PRO in managing your files on your Bludit Website.



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