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Bludit Pagination - Just get more Space for your Content by splitting them into multiple pages.
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Pagination - Get more Space for your Content

Bludit Version Support Me License

The Pagination Bludit plugin allows you to break your content down into multiple single pages.


You really like my Pagination plugin and want to support me and all of my projects?
Then I would be extremely grateful for a coffee! (Thanks to all Supporters)

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  • Support for Pretty URLs (
  • Optional Single-View Mode using a special, configurable keyword
  • Configurable paged and pagebreak variable
  • Support for Clean, SEO-optimized Canonical Meta URLs
  • Use or Prevent the default Plugin CSS design
  • 2 Pagination Styles (Next / Prev or Numbers)
  • 2 Pagination Positions (Top or Bottom)
  • 2 different ways to inject the Paginations (using a hook or direct injection)


  • PHP v5.6.0+
  • Bludit v3.5.0+


  • Download the Pagination Plugin
  • Upload it to your bl-plugins folder of your Bludit Website
  • Visit the Bludit Administration and enable the "Pagination" Plugin through "Settings" > "Plugins"

Copyright & License

Published under the MIT-License; Copyright © 2019 SamBrishes, pytesNET

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