An extended and configurable Theme Environment for the Bludit CMS!
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paw.designer - A Theme extension 4 Bludit

paw.designer is a theme environment extension AND plugin for the Bludit content management system. The theme extension is just a single file, which theme developers need to include within their init.php file, the plugin is completely optional and allows users to configure paw.designer -compatible themes without touching code from the backend.


The documentation is available on GitHubs Wiki Pages!

Instructions - Users

Plugin users just need to include the paw.designer folder to their bludit-plugins directory. Enable the plugin on the "Bludit Administration" and visit the new Menu Item "Theme Designer". You also need to include "paw.designer" compatible themes, of course!

Instructions - Developers

As theme developer you need to include the system/paw-designer.func.php file inside your template and load them within your init.php file. You can use the following snippet:

    // Include the paw-designer.func.php file from your template directory

The configurations and menu settings SHOULD be available in the theme.php file within the root directory of your template. Read more about the Customizer Functions. You can also move or rename the default theme.json file using the paw.designer-file key inside your metadata.json file.

Support the paw.designer Plugin

You also MUST define the paw.designer key within your metadata.json file, if you want to support the paw.designer plugin too. You can also configure the options and menus on the paw.designer backend using the respective Plugin Functions.

Compatible Themes

The following themes supports the paw.designer environment AND plugin:

Copyright & License

Published under the MIT-License; Copyright © 2018 - 2019 SamBrishes, pytesNET