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Welcome to the paw.designer Wiki

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The paw.designer package contains a theme environment extension for the Bludit CMS as well as an Plugin. The theme extension is just a single file, which MUST be included by theme developers within there init.php file. And the Plugin can be optionally used to easily configure and design compatible templates from the Bludit administration, without touching or modifying code!

Below you will find the respective table of contents list, which contains all informations and references from the current version of our paw.designer extension. The most of the functions below just requires the paw-designer.func.php file, which must be included within the init.php file (of compatible themes). Only the items below "Plugin Functions" requires the paw.designer plugin installed and activated too.

Table of Contents

Core Functions

Customizer Functions

System Functions

Shortcode Functions

Plugin Functions

Helper Classes

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