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Reactions - Let your readers react to your content

Bludit Version Support Me License

The Reactions Bludit Plugin allows your Users to react to your content!

You can choose between a Like / Dislike (the second one is also optional), 3 or 5 Stars or a labeled Emojies rating system for your content. The Panel Injection itself can be done in 8 different ways, to achieve the best result on each available theme (not guaranteed).


  • Three different rating modes
    • Like / Dislike
    • Stars Rating (3 or 5)
    • Labeled Emojies
  • Eight ways to inject the panel on your template
  • Active Bot Protection rules
  • AJAX enabled rating (vote without reload the page)
  • Bunch of settings to configure the panel to your needs
  • Session Storage of the users votes
  • GDPR compatible

Support us with Reactions+ or a Coffee

You can support us and the development of our Reactions Bludit Plugin with the purchase of the Reactions+ version, which contains always the latest features and the following exclusive stuff.

  • Log all done Votes and Changes & Show them on your Dashboard
  • Cookie-Storage, keep the users votes until the cookie gets eaten
  • Hashed-IP-Storage, keep the users votes until your server gets eaten
  • An additional Cookie Key/Value Handler to fulfil GDPR rules

You can buy the Reactions+ Plugin on

You can also support us by giving us a coffee on

Buy Me A Coffee

Thanks for your support and for using our Reactions Plugin


  • PHP v7.2.0+
  • Bludit v3.9.0+


The following awesome dependencies are included in this package.


  1. Download the Reactions or Buy the Reactions+ Plugin
  2. Upload the main plugin folder to your bl-plugins directory of your Bludit Website(s)
  3. Enable the "Reactions" or "Reactions+" Plugin on the Plugins admin page

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Download the Reactions or Buy the Reactions+ Plugin
  2. Replace all old files, with the new ones.
  3. Visit your Bludit Administration, the Upgrade process is done automatically.

Copyright & License

Published under the MIT-License; Copyright © 2019 - 2020 pytesNET.


Let your users react to your content using Emojis, Stars or a Like / Dislike Button in many different styles.



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