@SamBrishes SamBrishes released this Dec 10, 2018

Assets 2
  • Add: The new modify() method on the string Storage to change the strings globally.
    Requested by: ashucg @ #20.
  • Update: The .register() method checks now if locale is a string and object a object.
  • Update: The .register() method returns now true on success and false on failure!
  • Bugfix: ES6 The "Select All" Button doesn't work on Search (All options gets selected).
  • Bugfix: Z-Index CSS Styling bug (:hover).
    Thanks to: #19.
  • Bugfix: Unnecessary Scrollbar (during a wrong calculation of the dropdown field).
    Thanks to: #19.
  • Bugfix: "Select All" Button selects more items as shown on search results.
    Thanks to #21
  • Bugfix: Search functionality breaks when source select's options contain hyphenated attributes.
    Thanks to: #22,
    Fixed by: AndrewDRX @ #23

@SamBrishes SamBrishes released this Nov 28, 2018 · 14 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

Version 0.5.3 - Beta

  • Add: The new .walk() method on the tailOptions class to "loop" multiple items.
  • Add: The new internal variable _query for the current query.
  • Update: Changed the RegExp \b, because it isn't accurate enough.
  • Update: The complete sourceBind listener function has been renewed / fixed.
  • Update: The .enable() and .disable() methods allows now a single parameter, which controls the new rendering if the respective DOM Elements.
  • Update: Support also [{ key: <>, [...] }] array objects.
  • Remove: Unused variable _pos.
  • Bugfix: The "(Un)Select All" buttons were not limited to the current query!
  • Bugfix: The .en/disable() methods doesn't sets the configuration correctly.
  • Bugfix: The description property on the items option is required. Thanks to: #15
  • Bugfix: Only the last item gets unchecked after pressing "Unselect All" on specific conditions. Thanks to: #16
  • Bugfix: When the sourceBind option is true, the dropdown becomes unusable! Thanks to: #17
  • Bugfix: Throws TypeError on "(Un)Select All" buttons on Search Queries. Thanks to: #18
  • Bugfix: Wrong .en/disable() and .config(disabled, true|false) order. Thanks to: #12

@SamBrishes SamBrishes released this Nov 27, 2018 · 15 commits to master since this release

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Version 0.5.2 - Beta

  • Hotfix: Trigger hasn't triggered on each call!

@SamBrishes SamBrishes released this Nov 27, 2018

Assets 2

Version 0.5.1 - Beta

  • Hotfix: Wrong If-Condition for sourceHide.
  • Hotfix: Wrong attribute assignment on the field for sourceHide.

@SamBrishes SamBrishes released this Nov 27, 2018 · 17 commits to master since this release

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Version 0.5.0 - Beta

  • Info: The ES6 Edition is just a "REALLY experimental" version!
  • Info: The Priority has changed: Defined Settings > Element Attributes!
  • Add: The new French Translation. Many Thanks to Anthony Rabine. (#11)!
  • Add: The origin select fields gets now also triggered on any change / input event. Thanks to: #10.
  • Add: Three new designs "Bootstrap2", "Bootstrap3" and "Bootstrap4" (+ Multiple Color Schemes).
  • Add: A IE incompatible, highly modern ECMAScript 2015 (6) edition (as *-es6.js).
  • Add: The new script version, which contains also all language strings.
  • Add: The new additional file langs/ which contains all language strings.
  • Add: Key Listener: Use the Arrow Keys (Down, Up) to scroll through the opened dropdown list.
  • Add: Key Listener: Use the Enter / Return Key to "click" on the focused option.
  • Add: Key Listener: Use the Escape Key to close the dropdown list.
  • Add: The new helper method create().
  • Add: The new option locale, to change the shown language strings.
  • Add: The new option disabled, which disables the complete instance.
  • Add: The new option multiShowLimit, which shows the max. number of selectable options.
  • Add: The new option sourceBind and sourceHide replaces the deprecated methods bindSourceSelect and hideSelect respectively.
  • Add: The new callback option cbComplete, which fires when the instance has been completely rendered.
  • Add: The new option multiPinSelected, which "pins" selected options to the top of the dropdown list.
  • Add: The new public methods enable() and disable() to en/dis -able the complete field. Thanks to: #12.
  • Add: The new tailOptions methods .select(), .unselect(), .enable() and .disable().
  • Add: The new tailOptions methods .toggle(), .invert() and .all().
  • Add: The new tailOptions methods .move() to change the optgroup of an option.
  • Update: The helper methods.
  • Update: The sourceBind event listener has been optimized and renewed.
  • Update: The tailOptions class is now an ArrayLike object.
  • Update: The settings are higher ranked then the select attributes.
  • Update: Switched from SASS (SCSS) to LESS.
  • Update: Language Files and Locale / Translation System.
  • Update: The new language files are now compatible with AMD.
  • Update: Many design changes on the default and modern theme.
  • Update: Some Changes on the main RegExp on the search function. Thanks to: You've been Haacked
  • Update: The container will be inserted AFTER the source select field.
  • Update: Check the source select field stylings.
  • Update: A new animation flow, using setTimeout().
  • Update: The bind() method binds global events only and gets called by the constructor.
  • Update: The internal _replaceTypo method has been renamed into _r.
  • Update: The internal build() method has been replaced by the API method query().
  • Update: Remove the name attribute on the source select field when using csvOutput.
  • Update: The option width now also supports other length units next to "px".
  • Update: The option multiContainer allows now also "true" as value, to move selected options to the label element of the respective instance.
  • Update: The main callback function cbLoopItem can now also return null to skip the item and false to "skip / escape" the complete render Loop.
  • Update: The public method .config() allows now an object as first parameter to set multiple settings at once.
  • Update: The public method .config() allows now a third parameter, which prevents the rebuilding of the selection field, if you change any option.
  • Update: The update*() API methods replaces all set*() API methods.
  • Remove: The tail.animate() helper function.
  • Remove: The bindSourceSelect and hideSelect options has been replaced.
  • Remove: The .walk() method has been removed (use walker() instead).
  • Remove: The .build() method has been removed (use query() instead).
  • Remove: The .choose() method has been removed (use the tail options API instead).
  • Bugfix: The placeholder attribute is used with .getAttribute(), because its invalid HTML 5!
  • Bugfix: The custom group sorting hasn't worked due to an faulty statement.
  • Bugfix: The HTML option structure was invalid (ul ul li instead of ul li ul li).
  • Bugfix: The hidden csvInput field functions didn't work on specific cases.
  • Bugfix: The clone helper function didn't worked on the IE 9+ browsers.
  • Bugfix: Tags duplicated when preselected. Thanks to: #14.
  • Bugfix: Non-Source Options gets duplicated. Thanks to: #13.
  • Bugfix: The hidden csvInput field is rendered, even if the option is disabled. Thanks to: #12.
  • Bugfix: The instance ignores the disabled attribute on the main source element. Thanks to: #12.
  • Bugfix: Check the visibility of the source select field. Thanks to: #10.

@SamBrishes SamBrishes released this Oct 17, 2018 · 18 commits to master since this release

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Version 0.4.2 - Beta

  • Bugfix: Search problem #8, Thanks to elPesecillo.

@SamBrishes SamBrishes released this Oct 15, 2018 · 19 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

Version 0.4.1 - Beta

  • Add: The new design modern-white as additional stylesheet
  • Add: The .scss preprocessor stylesheet(-ing) (I'm new at pre-processing, and I'm not sure
    if i'm using it right :/).
  • Update: Many design changed and optimizations.
  • Bugfix: Ignoring selected attribute #6
    Thanks to tomasKucera!

@SamBrishes SamBrishes released this Oct 13, 2018 · 24 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

Version 0.4.0 - Beta

  • Info: First Beta Version
  • Add: A custom event listener which allows more details / arguments.
  • Add: The new on() method to use the new custom event listener.
  • Add: The new config() method to get and set configurations after init.
  • Add: The new setCSVInput() method to handle the CSV Input field.
  • Add: The new internal trigger() method which handles the events.
  • Add: The new default createGroup() and createItem() callback methods.
  • Add: The new cbLoopItem and cbLoopGroup options, which allows to use a custom callback
    function for the creation of options and groups within the dropdown list.
  • Add: The new multiSelectAll and multiSelectGroup options, which allows to (un)select all
    options or all options within a group!
  • Add: The new walker() function which replaces walk().
  • Add: The additional class name in-search on search-results.
  • Update: The jQuery and MooTools Bindings.
  • Update: The init() method on tailOptions uses now also set().
  • Update: The reload() method uses the same instance instead of creating a new one.
  • Update: The open(), close() and toggle() method accepts now one parameter, which disables
    | the animation (if turned on).
  • Update: The Group will also be shown on search-results.
  • Update: New strings including a new string-key structure (+ updated translations).
  • Update: Assign HTML String method instead of Single Element Creation on init().
  • Update: The default option for height has been changed to 350 (px) according to the new
    maxHeight JS-based setup (replaces the CSS setup).
  • Update: The sort callback on the walker() method is now called directly instead as
    callback within the sort() function!
  • Update: The CSS design has been modified and adapted to the new features.
  • Codacy: Expected '!==' and instead saw '!='. (eqeqeq)
  • Codacy: Avoid assignments in operands. (At least on if)
  • Codacy: 'tailOptions' was used before it was defined. (no-use-before-define)
  • Codacy: 'i' is already defined. (no-redeclare)
  • Rename: The internval variable tailSelect.instances has been renamed into tailSelect.inst.
  • Bugfix: Displaying of out of viewport
    #4. Thanks to tomasKucera
  • Bugfix: The items option object doesn't added a option description.
  • Bugfix: Don't close the dropdown list, when playing with the multiContainer element.
  • Bugfix: Already selected items can be selected again!
  • Bugfix: Load Items into the multiContainer and csvInput field on soft reloads.
  • Deprecated: The walk() function has been marked as deprecated and gets removed in the future!

@SamBrishes SamBrishes released this Oct 11, 2018 · 25 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

Version 0.3.6 - Alpha

  • Hotfix: Mismatching / Faulty Search Regex on different HTML conditions.

@SamBrishes SamBrishes released this Oct 11, 2018 · 26 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

Version 0.3.5 - Alpha

  • Update: Change for loop expression.
  • Codacy: 'ev' is already defined. (no-redeclare).
  • Codacy: 'ev' used outside of binding context. (block-scoped-var).
  • Bugfix: Constructor Instance check.
  • Bugfix: Wrong Version Number.
  • Hotfix: Searching when data-description containes > char. #2. Thanks to tomasKucera