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Help Translating

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It would be really awesome to offer tail.writer in many different languages! So you're really Welcome to translate tail.writer in your (native) language, but note, there are many strings to translate! Each translator gets also immortalized in the README file (as well as in the CHANGELOG file), gladly with link to your website too!

Thanks to every translator!

How To Translate

You can translate tail.writer by creating a new Issue or a complete Fork. Both methods requires a language code, which you can find here.

Create a new Issue

Create a new Issue with the topic named "Translation: {lang_code}" and the follwing content (replace the quoted text below with the respective translation and please keep the IDs AND the $1 characters unchanged):

lang_code: {
    chars:          "Characters",
    lines:          "Lines",
    words:          "Words",

    // Markups
    bbcode:         "BBCode",
    markdown:       "Markdown",
    textile:        "Textile",

    // Actions
    about:          "About",
    aboutDevelop:   "Developed by $1",
    aboutDesc1:     "written in pure vanilla JavaScript",
    aboutDesc2:     "published under the MIT License",
    aboutDesign:    "Designed with $1",
    aboutLink1:     "GitHub Repository",
    aboutLink2:     "Documentation",
    aboutLink3:     "Demonstration",
    aboutLink4:     "Report a Bug",
    fullscreen:     "Toggle Fullscreen",
    indent:         "Indent",
    markup:         "Change Markup",
    modeWrite:      "Write",
    modePreview:    "Preview",
    outdent:        "Outdent",
    preview:        "Toggle Preview",
    previewEmpty:   "There is nothing to Preview yet!",

    // Debug
    errorAction:    "The passed action is unknown!",
    errorMarkup:    "The passed markup doesn't exist!",

    // Markups
    acronym:        "Acronym",
    big:            "Big",
    bold:           "Bold",
    center:         "Center Paragraph",
    cite:           "Citation",
    code:           "Code (Inline)",
    codeblock:      "Code (Block)",
    color:          "Text Color",
    definition:     "Definition List",
    emphasize:      "Emphasize",
    email:          "eMail",
    emailAddress:   "eMail Address",
    emailButton:    "Embed eMail Link",
    emailTitle:     "eMail Title",
    font:           "Font Family",
    header:         "Heading",
    headers:        "Headings",
    hr:             "Horizontal Rule",
    image:          "Image",
    imageButton:    "Embed Image",
    imageTitle:     "Image Title",
    imageURL:       "Image URL",
    italic:         "Italic",
    justify:        "Justify Paragraph",
    left:           "Left Paragraph",
    link:           "Hyperlink",
    linkNewTab:     "Open Link in a new Tab",
    linkButton:     "Embed Link",
    linkTitle:      "Link Title",
    linkURL:        "Link URL",
    listOrdered:    "Ordered List",
    listUnordered:  "Unordered List",
    listChecked:    "Checked List",
    listUnchecked:  "Unchecked List",
    pre:            "Pre-Formatted Text",
    quote:          "Blockquote",
    right:          "Right Paragraph",
    size:           "Text Size",
    small:          "Small",
    span:           "Span",
    strikethrough:  "Strikethrough",
    strong:         "Strong",
    sub:            "Subscript",
    sup:            "Superscript",
    table:          "Table",
    tableButton:    "Embed Table",
    tableHeader:    "Add Table Header",
    tableFooter:    "Add Table Footer",
    tableCols:      "Columns",
    tableRows:      "Rows",
    underline:      "Underline"

Create a new Fork

You can also fork this repository to your Account and create a new file within the langs folder with the following name: tail.writer-{lang_code}.js. Chekc out the German Example to learn, which informations need to be within this file. After you have done this you can create a new Pull Request, and after a short check, this gets also released by us!


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