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Plugin for accessing test session metadata
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pytest-metadata is a plugin for pytest that provides access to test session metadata.

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You will need the following prerequisites in order to use pytest-metadata:

  • Python 2.7, 3.6, PyPy, or PyPy3


To install pytest-metadata:

$ pip install pytest-metadata


We welcome contributions.

To learn more, see Development

Available metadata

The following metadata is gathered by this plugin:

Key Description Example
Python Python version 3.6.4
Platform Platform Darwin-17.4.0-x86_64-i386-64bit
Packages pytest packages {'py': '1.5.2', 'pytest': '3.4.1'}
Plugins pytest plugins {'metadata': '1.6.0'}

Additional metadata

You can provide your own metadata (key, value pair) by specifying --metadata on the commandline:

pytest --metadata foo bar

Note: You can provide multiple sets of --metadata:

pytest --metadata foo bar --metadata baz zoo

Continuous integration

When run in a continuous integration environment, additional metadata is added from environment variables. Below is a list of the supported continuous integration providers, along with links to the environment variables that are added to metadata if they're present.

Note that if you're using Tox to run your tests then you will need to pass down any additional environment variables for these to be picked up.

Viewing metadata

If you pass --verbose on the command line when running your tests, then the metadata will be displayed in the terminal report header:

pytest --verbose
============================ test session starts ============================
platform darwin -- Python 3.6.4, pytest-3.4.1, py-1.5.2, pluggy-0.6.0 -- /usr/bin/python
cachedir: .pytest_cache
metadata: {'Python': '3.6.4', 'Platform': 'Darwin-17.4.0-x86_64-i386-64bit', 'Packages': {'pytest': '3.4.1', 'py': '1.5.2', 'pluggy': '0.6.0'}, 'Plugins': {'metadata': '1.6.0'}}
plugins: metadata-1.6.0

Accessing metadata

To add/modify/delete metadata at the end of metadata collection, you can use the pytest_metadata hook:

import pytest
def pytest_metadata(metadata):
    metadata.pop("password", None)

To access the metadata from a test or fixture, you can use the metadata fixture:

def test_metadata(metadata):
    assert 'metadata' in metadata['Plugins']

To access the metadata from a plugin, you can use the _metadata attribute of the config object. This can be used to read/add/modify the metadata:

def pytest_configure(config):
  if hasattr(config, '_metadata'):
      config._metadata['foo'] = 'bar'

Plugin integrations

Here's a handy list of plugins that either read or contribute to the metadata:


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