pytest plugin for repeating test execution
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pytest-repeat is a plugin for py.test that makes it easy to repeat a single test, or multiple tests, a specific number of times.

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You will need the following prerequisites in order to use pytest-repeat:

  • Python 2.7, 3.4+ or PyPy
  • py.test 2.8 or newer


To install pytest-repeat:

$ pip install pytest-repeat

Repeating a test

Use the --count command line option to specify how many times you want your test, or tests, to be run:

$ py.test --count=10

Each test collected by py.test will be run count times.

If you want to mark a test in your code to be repeated a number of times, you can use the @pytest.mark.repeat(count) decorator:

import pytest

def test_repeat_decorator():

If you want to override default tests executions order, you can use --repeat-scope command line option with one of the next values: session, module, class or function (default). It behaves like a scope of the pytest fixture.

function (default) scope repeats each test count or repeat times before executing next test. session scope repeats whole tests session, i.e. all collected tests executed once, then all such tests executed again and etc. class and module behaves similar session , but repeating set of tests is a tests from class or module, not all collected tests.

Repeating a test until failure

If you are trying to diagnose an intermittent failure, it can be useful to run the same test over and over again until it fails. You can use pytest's -x option in conjunction with pytest-repeat to force the test runner to stop at the first failure. For example:

$ py.test --count=1000 -x

This will attempt to run 1000 times, but will stop as soon as a failure occurs.

UnitTest Style Tests

Unfortunately pytest-repeat is not able to work with unittest.TestCase test classes. These tests will simply always run once, regardless of --count, and show a warning.