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[docs rendering] Too much italics on RTD type: docs
#10183 opened Aug 3, 2022 by webknjaz
when i run 'pytest.main()' to run all cases, the 'pytest_sessionstart' do not run? type: question
#10179 opened Aug 2, 2022 by fireblackman
4 tasks
Pytest trying to check if custom argument is a file crashes due to filename being too long status: easy type: bug
#10169 opened Jul 25, 2022 by jdckmz
4 tasks done
Document how to build dynamic session-scoped fixtures topic: fixtures type: question
#10156 opened Jul 19, 2022 by sirosen
capsys not implementing fileno, patches stream object causing io error plugin: capture type: bug
#10154 opened Jul 19, 2022 by tonybaloney
use vdbench tool run long time IO test, io break off type: question
#10153 opened Jul 19, 2022 by linglingfa1212
[FR] when fixture is not found, but avaliable in siebling conftests, give them as hints topic: fixtures type: enhancement
#10151 opened Jul 18, 2022 by RonnyPfannschmidt
Possible missing warning filters in pytest_configure plugin: warnings topic: config type: question
#10128 opened Jul 13, 2022 by akhilramkee
Misleading error message when parameters are missing in the parametrize but presented in the test function status: needs information
#10113 opened Jul 8, 2022 by TommyDew42
3 of 4 tasks
Marking fixtures as always-indirect topic: fixtures type: proposal
#10101 opened Jul 4, 2022 by mrzechonek
enable gracefull handling and mitigation of -W error for pytest plugins and packages plugin: warnings type: proposal
#10098 opened Jul 2, 2022 by RonnyPfannschmidt
Reference documentation, typing annotations and reality for pytest.mark.xfail() don’t match topic: typing type: docs type: enhancement
#10094 opened Jul 1, 2022 by manueljacob
Provide a way to push configuration based on the environment topic: config type: proposal
#10080 opened Jun 26, 2022 by Delgan
7.2 release planning type: infrastructure
#10045 opened Jun 14, 2022 by nicoddemus 7.2
pdb + expect tests failing in Python 3.7 platform: linux plugin: debugging type: infrastructure
#10042 opened Jun 14, 2022 by nicoddemus
Add a built-in way to compare sequences ignoring order type: proposal
#10032 opened Jun 10, 2022 by Delgan
when use pytest logging_plugin's set_log_path to create different log for each tests, it failed with "[Errno 32 ] Broken pipe" when executing tests in one py file plugin: logging status: needs information
#10029 opened Jun 8, 2022 by LinusLing0910
request.addfinalizer order of execution is undocumented status: easy type: docs
#10023 opened Jun 6, 2022 by fish-face
user controlled pytest-cache separation by environment plugin: cache type: enhancement type: proposal
#10002 opened May 29, 2022 by RonnyPfannschmidt
7.1.2: UserWarning in _pytest/ status: needs information
#9986 opened May 22, 2022 by kloczek
4 tasks done
Request for function to import module directly from file with rewritten assertions topic: rewrite type: proposal
#9977 opened May 19, 2022 by hjtran
hook/mechanism to await awaitable results of fixtures/test results (asyncio/anyio/trio) type: proposal
#9962 opened May 15, 2022 by RonnyPfannschmidt
Custom markers don't show custom color in 'short test summary info' section topic: marks topic: reporting
#9961 opened May 15, 2022 by jeffwright13
Leakage of NUMBER option out of docstring scope plugin: doctests
#9924 opened May 7, 2022 by MatthewFlamm
4 tasks done
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