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full coverage

Updated Jun 2, 2020

this project is used to group/track issues/prs that support higher actual coverage as well as full reported coverage

it came out of

next gen ux api/

Updated Aug 29, 2018

terminalwriter has grown organically and is a bad api we should investigate replacing it with something more modern/approachable

port internals to pathlib

Updated Feb 22, 2021

No description

detangle node structure

Updated Jan 16, 2021

the pytest internals have developed various intrisic dependencies over time that create hardship at evolving things, this project is to detangle them

detangle the config object

Updated Feb 1, 2019

config object initialization has been broken since a few years now, in addition we want to be able to use more modern config formats now that python standardized on pyproject.toml

on top of that the distinctions introduced by the different ways to interact with different kinds of configuration create unnecessary churn