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Pytester runexamples #3623

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Just for now


regendoc and invocation fixes

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RonnyPfannschmidt committed Jun 27, 2018
commit 17e01993d9a751a0d04b72991faddebad38183a4
@@ -390,32 +390,41 @@ additionally it is possible to copy examples for a example folder before running

.. code:: ini

# contents of pytest.ini
# content of pytest.ini
pytester_example_dir = .

.. code:: python
# contents of
# content of
def test_plugin(testdir):
testdir.runpytest("-k 'not test_plugin'")
testdir.runpytest("-k", "test_example")
def test_example():
.. code::

$ pytest -k test_plugin
$ pytest
=========================== test session starts ============================
platform linux -- Python 3.x.y, pytest-3.x.y, py-1.x.y, pluggy-0.x.y
rootdir: $REGENDOC_TMPDIR, inifile:
collected 0 items
rootdir: $REGENDOC_TMPDIR, inifile: pytest.ini
collected 2 items .. [100%]

============================= warnings summary =============================
$REGENDOC_TMPDIR/ PytestExerimentalApiWarning: testdir.copy_example is an experimental api that may change over time

-- Docs:
=================== 2 passed, 1 warnings in 0.12 seconds ===================

======================= no tests ran in 0.12 seconds =======================
For more information about the result object that ``runpytest()`` returns, and
the methods that it provides please check out the :py:class:`RunResult
<_pytest.pytester.RunResult>` documentation.
@@ -1,5 +1,13 @@
class PytestExerimentalApiWarning(FutureWarning):
"warning category used to denote experiments in pytest"

def simple(cls, apiname):
return cls(
"{apiname} is an experimental api that may change over time".format(

PYTESTER_COPY_EXAMPLE = PytestExerimentalApiWarning()

PYTESTER_COPY_EXAMPLE = PytestExerimentalApiWarning.simple("testdir.copy_example")
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