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14 Apr 18:11
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pytest 7.3.1 (2023-04-14)


  • #10875: Python 3.12 support: fixed RuntimeError: TestResult has no addDuration method when running unittest tests.
  • #10890: Python 3.12 support: fixed shutil.rmtree(onerror=...) deprecation warning when using tmp_path{.interpreted-text role="fixture"}.

Bug Fixes

  • #10896: Fixed performance regression related to tmp_path{.interpreted-text role="fixture"} and the new tmp_path_retention_policy{.interpreted-text role="confval"} option.
  • #10903: Fix crash INTERNALERROR IndexError: list index out of range which happens when displaying an exception where all entries are hidden.
    This reverts the change "Correctly handle __tracebackhide__ for chained exceptions." introduced in version 7.3.0.


08 Apr 21:47
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pytest 7.3.0 (2023-04-08)


  • #10525: Test methods decorated with @classmethod can now be discovered as tests, following the same rules as normal methods. This fills the gap that static methods were discoverable as tests but not class methods.
  • #10755: console_output_style{.interpreted-text role="confval"} now supports progress-even-when-capture-no to force the use of the progress output even when capture is disabled. This is useful in large test suites where capture may have significant performance impact.
  • #7431: --log-disable CLI option added to disable individual loggers.
  • #8141: Added tmp_path_retention_count{.interpreted-text role="confval"} and tmp_path_retention_policy{.interpreted-text role="confval"} configuration options to control how directories created by the tmp_path{.interpreted-text role="fixture"} fixture are kept.


  • #10226: If multiple errors are raised in teardown, we now re-raise an ExceptionGroup of them instead of discarding all but the last.
  • #10658: Allow -p arguments to include spaces (eg: -p no:logging instead of
    -pno:logging). Mostly useful in the addopts section of the configuration
  • #10710: Added start and stop timestamps to TestReport objects.
  • #10727: Split the report header for rootdir, config file and testpaths so each has its own line.
  • #10840: pytest should no longer crash on AST with pathological position attributes, for example testing AST produced by [Hylang <>__]{.title-ref}.
  • #6267: The full output of a test is no longer truncated if the truncation message would be longer than
    the hidden text. The line number shown has also been fixed.

Bug Fixes

  • #10743: The assertion rewriting mechanism now works correctly when assertion expressions contain the walrus operator.
  • #10765: Fixed tmp_path{.interpreted-text role="fixture"} fixture always raising OSError{.interpreted-text role="class"} on emscripten platform due to missing os.getuid{.interpreted-text role="func"}.
  • #1904: Correctly handle __tracebackhide__ for chained exceptions.

Improved Documentation

  • #10782: Fixed the minimal example in goodpractices{.interpreted-text role="ref"}: pip install -e . requires a version entry in pyproject.toml to run successfully.

Trivial/Internal Changes

  • #10669: pytest no longer depends on the [attrs]{.title-ref} package (don't worry, nice diffs for attrs classes are still supported).


03 Mar 19:12
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pytest 7.2.2 (2023-03-03)

Bug Fixes

  • #10533: Fixed pytest.approx{.interpreted-text role="func"} handling of dictionaries containing one or more values of [0.0]{.title-ref}.
  • #10592: Fixed crash if [--cache-show]{.title-ref} and [--help]{.title-ref} are passed at the same time.
  • #10597: Fixed bug where a fixture method named teardown would be called as part of nose teardown stage.
  • #10626: Fixed crash if --fixtures and --help are passed at the same time.
  • #10660: Fixed :pypytest.raises{.interpreted-text role="func"} to return a 'ContextManager' so that type-checkers could narrow
    pytest.raises(...) if ... else nullcontext() down to 'ContextManager' rather than 'object'.

Improved Documentation

  • #10690: Added [CI]{.title-ref} and [BUILD_NUMBER]{.title-ref} environment variables to the documentation.
  • #10721: Fixed entry-points declaration in the documentation example using Hatch.
  • #10753: Changed wording of the module level skip to be very explicit
    about not collecting tests and not executing the rest of the module.


14 Jan 12:17
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pytest 7.2.1 (2023-01-13)

Bug Fixes

  • #10452: Fix '' deprecation warning in Python 3.12.
  • #10457: If a test is skipped from inside a fixture, the test summary now shows the test location instead of the fixture location.
  • #10506: Fix bug where sometimes pytest would use the file system root directory as rootdir <rootdir>{.interpreted-text role="ref"} on Windows.
  • #10607: Fix a race condition when creating junitxml reports, which could occur when multiple instances of pytest execute in parallel.
  • #10641: Fix a race condition when creating or updating the stepwise plugin's cache, which could occur when multiple xdist worker nodes try to simultaneously update the stepwise plugin's cache.


25 Oct 07:58
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pytest 7.2.0 (2022-10-23)


  • #10012: Update pytest.PytestUnhandledCoroutineWarning{.interpreted-text role="class"} to a deprecation; it will raise an error in pytest 8.

  • #10396: pytest no longer depends on the py library. pytest provides a vendored copy of py.error and py.path modules but will use the py library if it is installed. If you need other py.* modules, continue to install the deprecated py library separately, otherwise it can usually be removed as a dependency.

  • #4562: Deprecate configuring hook specs/impls using attributes/marks.

    Instead use :pypytest.hookimpl{.interpreted-text role="func"} and :pypytest.hookspec{.interpreted-text role="func"}.
    For more details, see the docs <legacy-path-hooks-deprecated>{.interpreted-text role="ref"}.

  • #9886: The functionality for running tests written for nose has been officially deprecated.

    This includes:

    • Plain setup and teardown functions and methods: this might catch users by surprise, as setup() and teardown() are not pytest idioms, but part of the nose support.
    • Setup/teardown using the @with_setup decorator.

    For more details, consult the deprecation docs <nose-deprecation>{.interpreted-text role="ref"}.


  • #9897: Added shell-style wildcard support to testpaths.


  • #10218: @pytest.mark.parametrize() (and similar functions) now accepts any Sequence[str] for the argument names,
    instead of just list[str] and tuple[str, ...].

    (Note that str, which is itself a Sequence[str], is still treated as a
    comma-delimited name list, as before).

  • #10381: The --no-showlocals flag has been added. This can be passed directly to tests to override --showlocals declared through addopts.

  • #3426: Assertion failures with strings in NFC and NFD forms that normalize to the same string now have a dedicated error message detailing the issue, and their utf-8 representation is expresed instead.

  • #7337: A warning is now emitted if a test function returns something other than [None]{.title-ref}. This prevents a common mistake among beginners that expect that returning a [bool]{.title-ref} (for example [return foo(a, b) == result]{.title-ref}) would cause a test to pass or fail, instead of using [assert]{.title-ref}.

  • #8508: Introduce multiline display for warning matching via :pypytest.warns{.interpreted-text role="func"} and
    enhance match comparison for :py_pytest._code.ExceptionInfo.match{.interpreted-text role="func"} as returned by :pypytest.raises{.interpreted-text role="func"}.

  • #8646: Improve :pypytest.raises{.interpreted-text role="func"}. Previously passing an empty tuple would give a confusing
    error. We now raise immediately with a more helpful message.

  • #9741: On Python 3.11, use the standard library's tomllib{.interpreted-text role="mod"} to parse TOML.

    tomli{.interpreted-text role="mod"}` is no longer a dependency on Python 3.11.

  • #9742: Display assertion message without escaped newline characters with -vv.

  • #9823: Improved error message that is shown when no collector is found for a given file.

  • #9873: Some coloring has been added to the short test summary.

  • #9883: Normalize the help description of all command-line options.

  • #9920: Display full crash messages in short test summary info, when runng in a CI environment.

  • #9987: Added support for hidden configuration file by allowing .pytest.ini as an alternative to pytest.ini.

Bug Fixes

  • #10150: sys.stdin{.interpreted-text role="data"} now contains all expected methods of a file-like object when capture is enabled.

  • #10382: Do not break into pdb when raise unittest.SkipTest() appears top-level in a file.

  • #7792: Marks are now inherited according to the full MRO in test classes. Previously, if a test class inherited from two or more classes, only marks from the first super-class would apply.

    When inheriting marks from super-classes, marks from the sub-classes are now ordered before marks from the super-classes, in MRO order. Previously it was the reverse.

    When inheriting marks from super-classes, the [pytestmark]{.title-ref} attribute of the sub-class now only contains the marks directly applied to it. Previously, it also contained marks from its super-classes. Please note that this attribute should not normally be accessed directly; use pytest.Node.iter_markers{.interpreted-text role="func"} instead.

  • #9159: Showing inner exceptions by forcing native display in ExceptionGroups even when using display options other than --tb=native. A temporary step before full implementation of pytest-native display for inner exceptions in ExceptionGroups.

  • #9877: Ensure caplog.get_records(when) returns current/correct data after invoking caplog.clear().

Improved Documentation

  • #10344: Update information on writing plugins to use pyproject.toml instead of
  • #9248: The documentation is now built using Sphinx 5.x (up from 3.x previously).
  • #9291: Update documentation on how pytest.warns{.interpreted-text role="func"} affects DeprecationWarning{.interpreted-text role="class"}.

Trivial/Internal Changes

  • #10196: ~pytest.PytestReturnNotNoneWarning{.interpreted-text role="class"} is now a subclass of ~pytest.PytestRemovedIn8Warning{.interpreted-text role="class"}: the plan is to make returning non-None from tests an error in the future.
  • #10313: Made _pytest.doctest.DoctestItem export pytest.DoctestItem for
    type check and runtime purposes. Made [_pytest.doctest]{.title-ref} use internal APIs
    to avoid circular imports.
  • #9906: Made _pytest.compat re-export importlib_metadata in the eyes of type checkers.
  • #9910: Fix default encoding warning (EncodingWarning) in cacheprovider
  • #9984: Improve the error message when we attempt to access a fixture that has been
    torn down.
    Add an additional sentence to the docstring explaining when it's not a good
    idea to call getfixturevalue.


02 Sep 11:13
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pytest 7.1.3 (2022-08-31)

Bug Fixes

  • #10060: When running with --pdb, TestCase.tearDown is no longer called for tests when the class has been skipped via unittest.skip or pytest.mark.skip.
  • #10190: Invalid XML characters in setup or teardown error messages are now properly escaped for JUnit XML reports.
  • #10230: Ignore .py files created by pyproject.toml-based editable builds introduced in pip 21.3.
  • #3396: Doctests now respect the --import-mode flag.
  • #9514: Type-annotate FixtureRequest.param as Any as a stop gap measure until 8073{.interpreted-text role="issue"} is fixed.
  • #9791: Fixed a path handling code in that seems to work fine, but was incorrect and fails in some systems.
  • #9917: Fixed string representation for pytest.approx{.interpreted-text role="func"} when used to compare tuples.

Improved Documentation

  • #9937: Explicit note that tmpdir{.interpreted-text role="fixture"} fixture is discouraged in favour of tmp_path{.interpreted-text role="fixture"}.

Trivial/Internal Changes


23 Apr 14:36
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pytest 7.1.2 (2022-04-23)

Bug Fixes

  • #9726: An unnecessary numpy import inside pytest.approx{.interpreted-text role="func"} was removed.
  • #9820: Fix comparison of dataclasses with InitVar.
  • #9869: Increase stacklevel for the NODE_CTOR_FSPATH_ARG deprecation to point to the
    user's code, not pytest.
  • #9871: Fix a bizarre (and fortunately rare) bug where the [temp_path]{.title-ref} fixture could raise
    an internal error while attempting to get the current user's username.


17 Mar 21:15
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pytest 7.1.1 (2022-03-17)

Bug Fixes

  • #9767: Fixed a regression in pytest 7.1.0 where some files outside of the source tree (e.g. in the [site-packages]{.title-ref} directory) were not picked up.


13 Mar 14:54
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pytest 7.1.0 (2022-03-13)

Breaking Changes

  • #8838: As per our policy, the following features have been deprecated in the 6.X series and are now

    • pytest._fillfuncargs function.
    • pytest_warning_captured hook - use pytest_warning_recorded instead.
    • -k -foobar syntax - use -k 'not foobar' instead.
    • -k foobar: syntax.
    • pytest.collect module - import from pytest directly.

    For more information consult
    Deprecations and Removals in the docs.

  • #9437: Dropped support for Python 3.6, which reached end-of-life at 2021-12-23.


  • #5192: Fixed test output for some data types where -v would show less information.

    Also, when showing diffs for sequences, -q would produce full diffs instead of the expected diff.

  • #9362: pytest now avoids specialized assert formatting when it is detected that the default __eq__ is overridden in attrs or dataclasses.

  • #9536: When -vv is given on command line, show skipping and xfail reasons in full instead of truncating them to fit the terminal width.

  • #9644: More information about the location of resources that led Python to raise ResourceWarning{.interpreted-text role="class"} can now
    be obtained by enabling tracemalloc{.interpreted-text role="mod"}.

    See resource-warnings{.interpreted-text role="ref"} for more information.

  • #9678: More types are now accepted in the ids argument to @pytest.mark.parametrize.
    Previously only [str]{.title-ref}, [float]{.title-ref}, [int]{.title-ref} and [bool]{.title-ref} were accepted;
    now [bytes]{.title-ref}, [complex]{.title-ref}, [re.Pattern]{.title-ref}, [Enum]{.title-ref} and anything with a [__name__]{.title-ref} are also accepted.

  • #9692: pytest.approx{.interpreted-text role="func"} now raises a TypeError{.interpreted-text role="class"} when given an unordered sequence (such as set{.interpreted-text role="class"}).

    Note that this implies that custom classes which only implement __iter__ and __len__ are no longer supported as they don't guarantee order.

Bug Fixes

  • #8242: The deprecation of raising unittest.SkipTest{.interpreted-text role="class"} to skip collection of
    tests during the pytest collection phase is reverted - this is now a supported
    feature again.

  • #9493: Symbolic link components are no longer resolved in conftest paths.
    This means that if a conftest appears twice in collection tree, using symlinks, it will be executed twice.
    For example, given

    tests/link -> tests/real

    running pytest tests now imports the conftest twice, once as tests/real/ and once as tests/link/
    This is a fix to match a similar change made to test collection itself in pytest 6.0 (see 6523{.interpreted-text role="pull"} for details).

  • #9626: Fixed count of selected tests on terminal collection summary when there were errors or skipped modules.

    If there were errors or skipped modules on collection, pytest would mistakenly subtract those from the selected count.

  • #9645: Fixed regression where --import-mode=importlib used together with PYTHONPATH{.interpreted-text role="envvar"} or pythonpath{.interpreted-text role="confval"} would cause import errors in test suites.

  • #9708: pytester{.interpreted-text role="fixture"} now requests a monkeypatch{.interpreted-text role="fixture"} fixture instead of creating one internally. This solves some issues with tests that involve pytest environment variables.

  • #9730: Malformed pyproject.toml files now produce a clearer error message.


11 Feb 18:49
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pytest 7.0.1 (2022-02-11)

Bug Fixes

  • #9608: Fix invalid importing of importlib.readers in Python 3.9.
  • #9610: Restore [UnitTestFunction.obj]{.title-ref} to return unbound rather than bound method.
    Fixes a crash during a failed teardown in unittest TestCases with non-default [__init__]{.title-ref}.
    Regressed in pytest 7.0.0.
  • #9636: The pythonpath plugin was renamed to python_path. This avoids a conflict with the pytest-pythonpath plugin.
  • #9642: Fix running tests by id with :: in the parametrize portion.
  • #9643: Delay issuing a ~pytest.PytestWarning{.interpreted-text role="class"} about diamond inheritance involving ~pytest.Item{.interpreted-text role="class"} and
    ~pytest.Collector{.interpreted-text role="class"} so it can be filtered using standard warning filters <warnings>{.interpreted-text role="ref"}.