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The following is a model of setting up Cassandra logging for an existing ELK and Cassandra cluster.

provision cluster

Do the following from within the directory holding the docker-compose.yml file related to this repo:

docker-compose up -d

Do all of the following on each C* node:

install filebeat on each node

apt update
apt install curl -y
curl -L -O
dpkg -i filebeat-6.2.3-amd64.deb

for other operating systems, see:

create configuration file

edited from example at:

Put the following in /etc/filebeat/filebeat.yml.

    enabled: true
    hosts: [""]
  host: ""
    - input_type: log
        - "/var/log/cassandra/system.log*"
      document_type: cassandra_system_logs
      exclude_files: ['\.zip$']
      multiline.pattern: '^TRACE|DEBUG|WARN|INFO|ERROR'
      multiline.negate: true
      multiline.match: after
    - input_type: log
        - "/var/log/cassandra/gc.log.*.current"
      document_type: cassandra_gc_logs
      exclude_files: ['\.zip$']
      multiline.pattern: '^TRACE|DEBUG|WARN|INFO|ERROR'
      multiline.negate: true
      multiline.match: after

set up kibana dashboards

filebeat setup --dashboards

output: Loaded dashboards

start the beat

service filebeat start

Example output:

2018-04-12T20:43:03.798Z    INFO    instance/beat.go:468    Home path: [/usr/share/filebeat] Config path: [/etc/filebeat] Data path: [/var/lib/filebeat] Logs path: [/var/log/filebeat]
2018-04-12T20:43:03.799Z    INFO    instance/beat.go:475    Beat UUID: 2f43562f-985b-49fc-b229-83535149c52b
2018-04-12T20:43:03.800Z    INFO    instance/beat.go:213    Setup Beat: filebeat; Version: 6.2.3
2018-04-12T20:43:03.801Z    INFO    elasticsearch/client.go:145 Elasticsearch url:
2018-04-12T20:43:03.802Z    INFO    pipeline/module.go:76   Beat name: C1
Config OK

run some test data

cassandra-stress write n=20000 -pop seq=1..20000 -rate threads=4

view the graphs

Open this in a browser: http://localhost:5601

Sample queries:

  • message:WARN*
  • message:(ERROR* OR WARN*)
  • message:(ERROR* OR WARN*) AND beat.hostname:DC1C2

Can also filter display by choosing from available fields on left.

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