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Python CAS

Python CAS Python utilities to implement CAS protocol (Central Authentication Service).

This project was started by factoring out CASClient* classes from the django-cas-ng project, which was a continuation of `django-cas`_


  • Support Client part of CAS version 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0.
  • Support Python 2.7, 3.x


Install with pip:

pip install python-cas

Install the latest code:

pip install

Install from source code:

python install


Every code commit triggers a travis-ci build. checkout current build status at

Testing is managed by pytest and tox. Before run install, you need install required packages for testing:

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

To run testing on locally:


To run all testing on all enviroments locally:



Contributions are welcome!

If you would like to contribute this project. Please feel free to fork and send pull request. Please make sure tests are passed. Also welcome to add your name to Credits section of this document.

New code should follow both PEP8.