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Add _winreg win32 module

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1 parent 4e75f64 commit 6c4208f62253382ed23feb70574681208a4041a9 @jcfr jcfr committed Mar 25, 2013
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@@ -72,6 +72,7 @@ add_python_extension(ossaudiodev REQUIRES LINUX SOURCES ossaudiodev.c)
add_python_extension(msvcrt REQUIRES MSVC BUILTIN SOURCES ${SRC_DIR}/PC/msvcrtmodule.c)
add_python_extension(nt REQUIRES WIN32 BUILTIN SOURCES posixmodule.c)
add_python_extension(_subprocess REQUIRES WIN32 BUILTIN SOURCES ${SRC_DIR}/PC/_subprocess.c)
+add_python_extension(_winreg REQUIRES WIN32 BUILTIN SOURCES ${SRC_DIR}/PC/_winreg.c)
# Multiprocessing is different on unix and windows

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