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This is the source code for PyCon Finland website:

All source code is licensed under BSD license.

Running the site

  • Requirements:
    • Virtualenv
    • Django (1.3+)
    • South
    • 1 "secret" file located outside the root folder, name it "secret", so for example you have the root folder of the project is /home/yourhome/dev/pycon/, the secret file should be /home/yourhome/dev/secret
    • 1 sqlite3 file located outside the root folder, name it "db2012.sqlite3"
  • How to:
    • Frontend of the site is located in /<year> folder (like 2011 or 2012), they are just pure HTML files
    • Backend of the site is located in /api/pycon<year> folder. To run backend, go to /api folder and run: python runserver

Commands to duplicate the production site locally. First see how to add your SSH key below:
curl -L -o
python venv  # Create virtualenv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
scp pythonfi:/srv/ .
cd api
touch ../../secret # Create secret file
python runserver

The production server

In your .ssh/config add:

# django server
Host pythonfi
    ForwardAgent yes
    User pythonfi

Add your SSH key to the server using the organization password:

ssh-copy-id pythonfi

Now you can enter the server:

ssh pythonfi

Restart and refresh the production server:

server-admin -a

Or, if you like interactivity, just


Editing the pages


python -m SimpleHTTPServer




The official source code repository is

Github hooks

CIA will post commit data to #python-hallitus @ IRCNet.

Get Github hook debug data:

curl -u "miohtama:xxxx" -in


Regarding any questions please contact the board members of the Python Finland association, or the PIG-Fi mailing list.

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