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This template is available with more examples/explanation at

Sub-org name

e.g. Dipy, MNE-Python. Please include this in the title of your application in the system as well. Projects without a valid sub-org may be lost or rejected.

Student info

  • Name/Nicknames (e.g. on github, irc):
  • Email, telephone, alternate contact methods:
  • Time Zone:
  • GSoC Blog (you will be asked to blog about your project)

Code sample:

  • Link to a patch/code sample, preferably one you have submitted to your sub-org. Must be publicly available and your own work. Applications without a valid code sample will be rejected.

Project info

  • Proposal Title: Include the name of your sub-org and explain in a few
  • words what you plan to do.
  • Proposal Abstract:
  • Proposal Detailed Description/Timeline:
    • Please include timeline with milestones, preferably weekly ones. All
    • pre-work such as setup and reading documentation should take place during
    • community bonding.

other commitments

  • Do you have any other commitments during the main GSoC time period? For example: Exams, classes, jobs, holidays, weddings. Be honest: we can work around minor scheduling issues, but if you lie about your availability and then fall behind on your work you will be failed.

  • Have you applied with any other organizations? If so, do you have a preferred project/org? (This will help us in the event that more than one organization decides they wish to accept your proposal.)