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python-hyper: Low-Level HTTP-related Libraries for Python

Hyper is a set of related projects that provide HTTP/2 functionality to Python projects. The aim is to provide a complete HTTP and HTTP/2 toolbox, ranging from complete off-the-shelf solutions to projects that solve individual specific problems. Developers should be able to compose these solutions together to fit their specific use-cases, using the general-purpose code where appropriate and writing code to well-defined interfaces where they have specific requirements.

The hyper project is comprised of the following sub-projects:

  • hyper-h2, a complete HTTP/2 protocol stack that does not perform any I/O, intended to be independent of framework.
  • hyperframe, a HTTP/2 framing layer.
  • hpack, a HPACK implementation in pure-Python.
  • brotlipy, a CFFI-based library for Brotli compression.
  • priority, a Python implementation of the HTTP/2 Priority tree.
  • wsproto, an implementation of the WebSocket protocol that, like hyper-h2, does not perform any I/O.

Please follow the links above for more details on each of those sub-projects. The rest of this documentation applies to the project as a whole.


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