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HTTP/2 State-Machine based protocol implementation
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hyper-h2: HTTP/2 Protocol Stack

This repository contains a pure-Python implementation of a HTTP/2 protocol stack. It's written from the ground up to be embeddable in whatever program you choose to use, ensuring that you can speak HTTP/2 regardless of your programming paradigm.

You use it like this:

import h2.connection

conn = h2.connection.H2Connection()
conn.send_headers(stream_id=stream_id, headers=headers)
conn.send_data(stream_id, data)
events = conn.receive_data(socket_data)

This repository does not provide a parsing layer, a network layer, or any rules about concurrency. Instead, it's a purely in-memory solution, defined in terms of data actions and HTTP/2 frames. This is one building block of a full Python HTTP implementation.

To install it, just run:

$ pip install h2


Documentation is available at


hyper-h2 welcomes contributions from anyone! Unlike many other projects we are happy to accept cosmetic contributions and small contributions, in addition to large feature requests and changes.

Before you contribute (either by opening an issue or filing a pull request), please read the contribution guidelines.


hyper-h2 is made available under the MIT License. For more details, see the LICENSE file in the repository.


hyper-h2 is maintained by Cory Benfield, with contributions from others. For more details about the contributors, please see CONTRIBUTORS.rst.

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