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Released 3.3.0 2020-06-18
* ``LDAPError`` now contains additional fields, such as ctrls, result, msgid
* ``passwd_s`` can now extract the newly generated password
* LDAP connections can now be made from a file descriptor
This release is tested on Python 3.8, and the beta of Python 3.9.
The following undocumented functions are deprecated and scheduled for removal:
- ``ldap.cidict.strlist_intersection``
- ``ldap.cidict.strlist_minus``
- ``ldap.cidict.strlist_union``
* Ensure ReconnectLDAPObject is not left in an inconsistent state after
a reconnection timeout
* Syncrepl now correctly parses SyncInfoMessage when the message is a syncIdSet
* Release GIL around global get/set option call
* Do not leak serverctrls in result functions
* Don't overallocate memory in attrs_from_List()
* Fix thread support check for Python 3
* With OpenLDAP 2.4.48, use the new header openldap.h
* Fix some edge cases regarding quoting in the schema tokenizer
* Fix escaping a single space in ldap.escape_dn_chars
* Fix string formatting in ldap.compare_ext_s
* Prefer iterating dict instead of calling dict.keys()
* Clarify the relationship between initialize() and LDAPObject()
* Improve documentation of TLS options
* Update FAQ to include Samba AD-DC error message
"Operation unavailable without authentication"
* Fix several incorrect examples and demos
(but note that these are not yet tested)
* Update Debian installation instructions for Debian Buster
* Typo fixes in docs and docstrings
* Test and document error cases in ldap.compare_s
* Test if reconnection is done after connection loss
* Make test certificates valid for the far future
* Use slapd -Tt instead of slaptest
* Mark the LICENCE file as a license for setuptools
* Use "unittest discover" rather than " test" to run tests
Released 3.2.0 2019-03-13
* Add support for X-ORIGIN in ldap.schema's ObjectClass
* Make initialize() pass extra keyword arguments to LDAPObject
* ldap.controls.sss: use str instead of basestring on Python 3
* Provide ldap._trace_* atributes in non-debug mode
* Fix ReST syntax for links to set_option and get_option
* Use intersphinx to link to Python documentation
* Correct type of some attribute values to bytes
* Use system-specific ENOTCONN value
* Add testing and document support for Python 3.7
* Add Python 3.8-dev to Tox and CI configuration
* Add Doc/requirements.txt for building on Read the Docs
Released 3.1.0 2018-05-25
This release brings two minor API changes:
- Long-deprecated functions `` and `ldap.init()` are removed
- `LDAPObject.compare_s()` and `compare_ext_s` return bool instead of 0 or 1
All changes since 3.0.0:
* Remove long deprecated functions and ldap.init()
* LDAPObject.compare_s() and LDAPObject.compare_ext_s() now return a bool
instead of 1 or 0.
* Make iteration over cidict yield same values as keys()
* Fail if pyasn1 is not installed
* Fix parsing of PPolicyControl ASN.1 structure
* Use items() when appropriate in dict iteration
* Add support for tracing LDAP calls. Tracing can now be enabled with
the env var PYTHON_LDAP_TRACE_LEVEL and redirected to a file with
(This is mainly intended for debugging and internal testing; the
configuration or output may change in future versions.)
* Fix ref counting bug in LDAPmessage_to_python
* Remove warning about unreleased version
* Doc: Replace Mac OS X -> macOS
* Add tests and coverage for tracing
* Disable warnings-as-errors for Python 3.4
* Fix assertTrue to assertEqual
* Mark several test values as bytes
* Fix error message for missing commands
* Make SlapdObject a context manager
* Disable SASL external when missing SASL support
* Make SlapdObject.root_dn a property
* In SlapdObject, build include directives dynamically
* Move import statements to top level
Code style:
* Add Makefile rules for automatic formatting of C and Python code
* Reformat and indent all C files
* Trim white space throughout the project
* Add py3-trace tox environment to Travis CI config
* Add new Pytest cache directory to gitignore
* Update all URLs to
Released 3.0.0 2018-03-12
Notable changes since 2.4.45 (please see detailed logs below):
* Python 3 support and bytes_mode
* The module `ldap.async` is renamed to `ldap.asyncsearch`
* New dependencies: pyasn1, pyasn1_modules
* Dropped support for Python 2.6 and 3.3
Changes since 3.0.0b4:
* Add bytes_strictness to allow configuring behavior on bytes/text mismatch
* Add argument name to bytes mode TypeError
* Use correct integer types for BER encode/decode (fix for big endian machines)
* Set $LDAPNOINIT in all tests
* Add test for secure TLS default
* Ignore SASL methods in DSE test (fix for restricted environments)
* Remove filterstr workaround from syncrepl test
* Explicitly set TLS_REQUIRE_CERT option to TLS_HARD in test_tls_ext_noca
* Link to bytes mode from text-string arguments in the ldap module
* Include lber in list of libraries in setup.cfg
Released 3.0.0b4 2018-01-10
Changes since 3.0.0b3:
Removed support for Python 3.3, which reached its end-of-life 2017-09-29.
* Make default argument values work under bytes_mode
* Update use of map() to use list/set comprehensions instead
* Refactor syncrepl tests to run with bytes_mode
* Document all_records attribute of LDIFRecordList
Released 3.0.0b3 2017-12-20
Changes since 3.0.0b2:
The functions ``, `ldap.init()`, `ldif.CreateLDIF()`
and `ldif.ParseLDIF()`, which were deprecated for over a decade,
are scheduled for removal in python-ldap 3.1.
* Require setuptools to build
* Start running automatic tests on PyPy
* When raising LDAPBytesWarning, give helpful code locations
* Use modern Python idioms in several places
* Avoid reimplementing UserDict.get() in cidict and models.Entry
* Use https links
* Add reproducer for openldap's NSS shutdown/restart issue
* Make testing on non-Linux platforms easier
Released 3.0.0b2 2017-12-11
Changes since 3.0.0b1:
The module `ldap.async` is renamed to `ldap.asyncsearch`, due to
`async` becoming a keyword in Python 3.7.
The old module name is deprecated, but will be available as long
as Python 3.6 is supported.
* Use custom ldap.LDAPBytesWarning class
* Rename ldap.async to ldap.asyncsearch
* Support None for set_option(OPT_TIMEOUT) and OPT_NETWORK_TIMEOUT
* Fix error reporting of LDAPObject.set_option()
* Change memory handling in attrs_from_List()
* Remove workaround for OpenLDAP NSS issue
* Use uniform shebang in all demos
* Provide build deps for Alpine and CentOS
* Move sample workflow out of the main Contributing guide
* Add valgrind target to check for memory leaks
* Minimal configuration for pytest
Released 3.0.0b1 2017-12-04
Changes since 2.4.45:
(this list includes changes from 2.5.x)
New dependencies (automatically installed when using pip):
* pyasn1 0.3.7+
* pyasn1_modules 0.1.5+
Python 3 support and bytes_mode:
* merged from the pyldap fork (
* please see documentation on bytes_mode and text/bytes handling:
Removed support for Python 2.6.
* Move to Git
* Don't define search path for includes and libs in the default setup.cfg
* Include sasl/sasl.h from the standard path
* Re-format README to ReStructured Text
* Setup for automatic testing using Travis CI
* Add coverage reporting for Python and C
* Add install requires into
* Remove in favor of make clean
* Use `package`, `depends`, `install_requires` in
* Add make target for scan-build (static analysis using clang)
* Add make target and suppression file for Valgrind (memory checker)
* Remove unused LDAPberval helper functions
* Fix type conversion in page control
* Fix multiple ref leaks in error-handling code
* Fix reference leak in result4
* Fix several compiler warnings
* Fix memory leak in whoami
* Fix internal error handling of LDAPControl_to_List()
* Fix two memory leaks and release GIL in encode_assertion_control
* Allow set_option() to set timeouts to infinity
and, thanks to Michael Ströder:
* removed unused code schema.c
* moved code from version.c to ldapmodule.c
* removed obsolete back-ward compability constants from common.h
* build checks whether LDAP_API_VERSION is OpenLDAP 2.4.x
* _ldap.__author__ and _ldap.__license__ also set from ldap.pkginfo
* assume C extension API for Python 2.7+
* Avoid eval() for getting module-level variables to fix running under pytest
* Compability changes for pyasn1 0.3 or newer
and, thanks to Michael Ströder:
* ldap.__version__, ldap.__author__ and ldap.__license__ now
imported from new sub-module ldap.pkginfo also to
* Added safety assertion when importing _ldap:
ldap.pkginfo.__version__ must match _ldap.__version__
* removed stand-alone module dsml
* slapdtest.SlapdObject.restart() just restarts slapd
without cleaning any data
* The methods SSSResponseControl.decodeControlValue() and
VLVResponseControl.decodeControlValue() now follow the coding
convention to use camel-cased ASN.1 name as class attribute name.
The old class names are still set for back-ward compability
but should not be used in new code because they might be removed
in a later release.
* removed SSSRequestControl from ldap.controls.KNOWN_RESPONSE_CONTROLS
* removed all dependencies on modules string and types
* removed use of .has_key()
* removed class ldap.ldapobject.NonblockingLDAPObject
* new global constant ldap.LIBLDAP_API_INFO
* right after importing _ldap there is a call into libldap to initialize it
* method .decodeControlValue() of SSSResponseControl and VLVResponseControl
does not set class attribute result_code anymore
* always use bytes() for UUID() constructor in ldap.syncrepl
* module ldif now uses functions b64encode() and b64decode()
* fixed pickling and restoring of ReconnectLDAPObject
* Automatically try some common locations for SCHEMADIR
* Ensure server is stopped when the process exits
* Check for LDAP schema and slapd binaries
* slapdtest is now a package and includes testing certificates
* Expand cidict membership test
* Add test suite for binds
* Add test suite for edits
* Add a smoke-check for listall() and attribute_types()
* Add test case for SASL EXTERNAL auth
* Add tests for start_tls
* In CI, treat compiler warnings as fatal errors
* Added tests for ldap.syncrepl
and, thanks to Michael Ströder:
* added explicit reconnect tests for ReconnectLDAPObject
* scripts do not directly call SlapdTestCase.setUpClass() anymore
* added LDIF test with folded, base64-encoded attribute
* added more tests for sub-module ldap.dn
* Build documentation without the compiled C extension
* Merge contents from
* Move reference documentation in its own section
* Document return value of {modify,add,delete}_ext_s() as a tuple
* Add tests for documentation (build & spelling)
* Link to documentation of old versions
* Add a contributing guide
Released 2.4.45 2017-10-09
Changes since 2.4.44:
* Fixed reraising of wrong exception in SimpleLDAPObject._ldap_call()
(thanks to Aigars Grins)
* removed work-around in
Released 2.4.44 2017-09-08
Changes since 2.4.43:
* more fine-grained GIL releasing in function l_ldap_result4()
Released 2.4.43 2017-09-06
Changes since 2.4.42:
* fixed passing all arguments from LDAPObject.sasl_non_interactive_bind_s()
to LDAPObject.sasl_interactive_bind_s()
* added test for LDAPObject.sasl_external_bind_s()
* added docs for SASL bind methods
* more references
* better sorting of LDAPObject methods
Released 2.4.42 2017-09-04
Changes since 2.4.41:
* added new SlapdObject methods _ln_schema_files() and
* SlapdObject methods setup_rundir() and gen_config()
are now "public" methods
* removed pseudo test script from module ldap.cidict
* added sub-module for testing class ldap.cidict.cidict
* avoid deprecated method alias unittest.TestCase.assertEquals
Released 2.4.41 2017-07-12
Changes since 2.4.40:
* Added support for increment: lines in LDIF changes records
Released 2.4.40 2017-06-27
Changes since 2.4.39:
* fixed memory leaks when using extended controls
(thanks to Erik Cumps)
Released 2.4.39 2017-05-31
Changes since 2.4.38:
* fixed errno-related ldap.TIMEOUT regression
* Removed obsolete assert statements
Released 2.4.38 2017-04-28
Changes since 2.4.37:
* SlapdObject now evaluates env var SLAPD for optionally pointing
to OpenLDAP's slapd executable (e.g. with OpenLDAP LTB builds)
* added LDAPI support in slaptest.SlapdObject which is internally used
in methods ldapadd() and ldapwhoami()
* added method slaptest.SlapdObject.ldapmodify()
* fixed enabling logger in slaptest
* directory name now contains port to be able to run several SlapdObject
instances side-by-side (e.g. with replication)
* added authz-regexp mapping to rootdn for user running the test
* internally use SASL/EXTERNAL via LDAPI to bind
* SlapdObject.server_id used as serverID in slapd.conf for MMR
* Removed method SlapdObject.started() because SlapdTestCase.setUpClass()
will be used to add initial entries
* ReconnectLDAPObject is also tested by sub-classing test class
Released 2.4.37 2017-04-27
Changes since 2.4.36:
* fixed errno-related regression introduced in 2.4.35
* added more checks to
* renamed to and code-cleaning
* added test for errno-related regression to
Released 2.4.36 2017-04-26
Changes since 2.4.35:
* gracefully handle KeyError in LDAPObject._ldap_call() when
using errno
* added new stand-alone module slapdtest (formerly Tests/
for general use (still experimental)
* re-factored and
* set env var LDAPNOINIT=1 in and to avoid
interference with locally installed .ldaprc or ldap.conf
* by default back-mdb is now used for slapd-based tests
which requires fairly recent OpenLDAP builds but implements
full feature set
* env vars can be set for to tweak path names
of executables, temporary and schema data to be used
* new class SlapdTestCase
Released 2.4.35 2017-04-25
Changes since 2.4.33:
(2.4.34 is missing because of foolish pypi version madness)
* use errno in a safer way
* set errno as LDAPError class item
* do not use strerror() which is not thread-safe and platform-specific
* LDAPObject._ldap_call() sets LDAPError info to value returned
by platform-neutral os.stderror()
Released 2.4.33 2017-04-25
Changes since 2.4.32:
* faster implementation of ldap.schema.tokenizer.split_tokens()
(thanks to Christian Heimes)
* removed unused 2nd argument of ldap.schema.tokenizer.split_tokens()
* fixed method calls in ReconnectLDAPObject (thanks to Philipp Hahn)
* an empty info message is replaced with strerror(errno) if errno is non-zero
which gives more information e.g. in case of ldap.SERVER_DOWN
(thanks to Markus Klein)
* removed superfluous ldap_memfree(error) from LDAPerror()
(thanks to Markus Klein)
* re-factored
Released 2.4.32 2017-02-14
Changes since 2.4.31:
Running tests made easier:
- python test
- added tox.ini
Released 2.4.31 2017-02-14
Changes since 2.4.30:
* new test scripts and
on former raw scripts (thanks to Petr Viktorin)
* new test-cases in based on former raw scripts
(thanks to Petr Viktorin)
* new test-cases in
* moved a script to Demo/
Released 2.4.30 2017-02-08
Changes since 2.4.29:
* compability fix in ldap.controls.deref to be compatible to
recent pyasn1 0.2.x (thanks to Ilya Etingof)
Released 2.4.29 2017-01-25
Changes since 2.4.28:
* Fixed checking for empty server error message
(thanks to Bradley Baetz)
* Fixed releasing GIL when calling ldap_start_tls_s()
(thanks to Lars Munch)
Released 2.4.28 2016-11-17
Changes since 2.4.27:
* LDAPObject.unbind_ext_s() invokes LDAPObject._trace_file.flush()
only if LDAPObject._trace_level is non-zero and Python is running
in debug mode
* LDAPObject.unbind_ext_s() now ignores AttributeError
in case LDAPObject._trace_file has no flush() method
* added dummy method ldap.logger.logging_file_class.flush() because
LDAPObject.unbind_ext_s() invokes it
Released 2.4.27 2016-08-01
Changes since 2.4.26:
* added 'strf_secs' and 'strp_secs' to ldap.functions.__all__
* fixed regression introduced with 2.4.26:
ldif.LDIFParser did not fully parse LDIF records without trailing empty
separator line
Released 2.4.26 2016-07-24
Changes since 2.4.25:
* added ldap.controls.sss to py_modules in
* LDAPObject.unbind_ext() now removes class attribute
LDAPObject._l to completely invalidate C wrapper object
* LDAPObject.unbind_ext() now flushes trace file
* ldap.ldapobject.SimpleLDAPObject:
added convenience methods read_rootdse_s() and get_naming_contexts()
* added functions ldap.strf_secs() and ldap.strp_secs()
* added function ldap.filter.time_span_filter()
* Refactored ldif.LDIFParser
* ldif.LDIFParser.version ís now Integer
* ignore multiple empty lines between records
* Fixed ldap.dn.is_dn()
* Fixed #69 Segmentation fault on whoami_s after unbind
(thanks to Christian Heimes and Petr Viktorin)
* Fixed result3() being used instead of correct result4()
(see #66, thanks to David D. Riddle)
* Tests/ honors env var $TMP instead of just using
hard-coded /var/tmp
* Tests/ now expects schema to be in /etc/openldap/
* Tests/ now independent of module ldap
* Tests/ now has more test-cases including change records
* added some more test scripts for sub-modules ldap.dn, ldap.filter and
ldap.functions (not complete yet)
Released 2.4.25 2016-01-18
Changes since 2.4.23:
(2.4.24 is missing because of foolish pypi version madness)
* Fix for attrlist=None regression introduced in 2.4.23
by ref count patch
Released 2.4.23 2016-01-17
Changes since 2.4.22:
* Ref count issue in attrs_from_List() was fixed
(thanks to Elmir Jagudin)
Released 2.4.22 2015-10-25
Changes since 2.4.21:
* LDIFParser now also accepts value-spec without a space
after the colon.
* Added key-word argument authz_id to LDAPObject methods
sasl_non_interactive_bind_s(), sasl_external_bind_s() and
* Hmmpf! Added missing self to LDAPObject.fileno().
* ReconnectLDAPObject.sasl_bind_s() now correctly uses
generic wrapper arguments *args,**kwargs
* Correct method name LDIFParser.handle_modify()
* Corrected __all__ in modules ldap.controls.pwdpolicy and
* Started missing docs for sub-module ldap.sasl.
Released 2.4.21 2015-09-25
Changes since 2.4.20:
* LDAPObject.read_s() now returns None instead of raising
ldap.NO_SUCH_OBJECT in case the search operation returned emtpy result.
* ldap.resiter.ResultProcessor.allresults() now takes new key-word
argument add_ctrls which is internally passed to LDAPObject.result4()
and lets the method also return response control along with the search
* Added ldap.controls.deref implementing support for dereference control
* Unit tests for module ldif (thanks to Petr Viktorin)
Released 2.4.20 2015-07-07
Changes since 2.4.19:
* New wrapping of OpenLDAP's function ldap_sasl_bind_s() allows
to intercept the SASL handshake (thanks to René Kijewski)
* Added exceptions ldap.VLV_ERROR, ldap.X_PROXY_AUTHZ_FAILURE and
* Abandoned old syntax when raising ValueError in modules ldif and
ldapurl, more information in some exceptions.
* ldap.ldapobject.LDAPObject:
New convenience methods for SASL GSSAPI or EXTERNAL binds
* Refactored parts in ldif.LDIFParser:
- New class attributes line_counter and byte_counter contain
amount of LDIF data read so far
- Renamed some internally used methods
- Added support for parsing change records currently limited to
changetype: modify
- New separate methods parse_entry_records() (also called by parse())
and parse_change_records()
- Stricter order checking of dn:, changetype:, etc.
- Removed non-existent 'AttrTypeandValueLDIF' from ldif.__all__
* New mix-in class ldap.controls.openldap.SearchNoOpMixIn
adds convience method noop_search_st() to LDAPObject class
* Added new modules which implement the control classes
for Virtual List View (see draft-ietf-ldapext-ldapv3-vlv) and
Server-side Sorting (see RFC 2891) (thanks to Benjamin Dauvergne)
Note: This is still experimental! Even the API can change later.
Released 2.4.19 2015-01-10
Changes since 2.4.18:
* Fixed missing ReconnectLDAPObject._reconnect_lock when pickling
(see SF#64, thanks to Dan O'Reilly)
* Added ldap.controls.pagedresults which is pure Python implementation of
Simple Paged Results Control (see RFC 2696) and delivers the correct
result size
Released 2.4.18 2014-10-09
Changes since 2.4.17:
* Fixed raising exception in LDAPObject.read_s() when reading
an entry returns empty search result
Released 2.4.17 2014-09-27
Changes since 2.4.16:
* New hook syncrepl_refreshdone() in ldap.syncrepl.SyncReplConsumer
(thanks to Petr Spacek and Chris Mikkelson)
* Added support for getting file descriptor of connection
with ldap.OPT_DESC
Released 2.4.16 2014-09-10
Changes since 2.4.15:
* New convenience function ldap.dn.is_dn()
* New convenience function ldap.escape_str()
* New convenience methods LDAPObject.read_s() and
* Fixed invoking start_tls_s() in ReconnectLDAPObject.reconnect()
(thanks to Philipp Hahn)
Released 2.4.15 2014-03-24
Changes since 2.4.14:
* Added missing modules ldap.controls.openldap and
ldap.controls.pwdpolicy to
* Added missing imports to ldap.controls.pwdpolicy
* Fixed ldap.controls.pwdpolicy.decodeControlValue() to decode
string of digits
* Support for X-SUBST in schema element class LDAPSyntax
* Support for X-ORDERED and X-ORIGIN in schema element class AttributeType
* ldapurl: New scope 'subordinates' defined in
* New constant ldap.SCOPE_SUBORDINATE derived from ldap.h for
* Fixed constant ldap.sasl.CB_GETREALM (thanks to Martin Pfeifer)
Released 2.4.14 2014-01-31
Changes since 2.4.13:
* Added ldap.controls.openldap.SearchNoOpControl
* New method ldap.async.AsyncSearchHandler.afterFirstResult()
for doing something right after successfully receiving but before
processing first result
* Better log data written when invoking ldap.LDAPLock.acquire() and
* LDAPObject and friends now pass `desc' to ldap.LDAPLock() which
results in better logging
* ldapobject.ReconnectLDAPObject now uses internal class-wide
lock for serializing reconnects
* Method signature of ReconnectLDAPObject.reconnect() changed to be able
to call it with separate retry_max and retry_delay values
* Added support for retrieving negotiated TLS version/cipher
with LDAPObject.get_option() with the help of upcoming OpenLDAP libs
Released 2.4.13 2013-06-27
Changes since 2.4.12:
* ldapobject.ReconnectLDAPObject._apply_last_bind() now sends
anonymous simple bind request even if the calling application
did not to provoke ldap.SERVER_DOWN in method reconnect()
* ldapobject.ReconnectLDAPObject.reconnect() now also catches
ldap.TIMEOUT exception after reconnection attempt
* Several other fixes for ldapobject.ReconnectLDAPObject
(thanks to Jonathan Giannuzzi)
Released 2.4.12 2013-06-01
Changes since 2.4.11:
* Truly optional import of PyAsn1Error exception which should
not fail anymore if pyasn1 is not installed
Released 2.4.11 2013-05-27
Changes since 2.4.10:
* ldap.controls.DecodeControlTuples() now simply ignores
PyAsn1Error exception raised during decoding malformed
response control values in case of non-critical controls.
* ldif.LDIFWriter.unparse() does not simply skip empty
records anymore.
Released 2.4.10 2012-06-07
Changes since 2.4.9:
* ldapobject.ReconnectLDAPObject.reconnect() now preserves
order of options set with LDAPObject.set_option before.
This is needed e.g. for setting connection-specific TLS options.
* Better version of Demo/pyasn1/
(thanks to Ben Cooksley)
Released 2.4.9 2012-03-14
Changes since 2.4.8:
* ldapobject.ReconnectLDAPObject.reconnect() now does kind of
an internal locking to pause other threads while reconnecting
is pending.
* Changes to bind- and startTLS-related operation methods of
class ReconnectLDAPObject for more robustness
* New constant ldap.OPT_NAMES_DICT contains mapping from
integer to variable name for all option-related constants.
Released 2.4.8 2012-02-21
Changes since 2.4.7:
* Fixed overzealous check for non-unique NAMEs in
* Fixed typos in control decoding method
* Added experimental support for draft-vchu-ldap-pwd-policy
Released 2.4.7 2012-12-19
Changes since 2.4.6:
* Separate classes for request/response controls for RFC 3829
* Fixed ldap.schema.subentry.SubSchema.attribute_types() to
also eliminate double attribute types in MAY clause of
DIT content rule
* Fixed memory leak (thanks to David Malcolm)
Released 2.4.6 2011-11-27
Changes since 2.4.5:
* ldap.controls.ppolicy:
Another fix for decoding the password policy response control
Released 2.4.5 2011-11-25
Changes since 2.4.4:
* defines for SASL and SSL in setup.cfg to be more friendly to
Python setup tools (easy_install)
* Fixed typo in ldap.functions._ldap_function_call() which
always released ldap._ldap_module_lock instead of local lock
* ldap.controls.ppolicy:
Fixed decoding the password policy response control
* Demo script for ldap.controls.ppolicy
Released 2.4.4 2011-10-26
Changes since 2.4.3:
* Format intermediate messages as 3-tuples instead of
4-tuples to match the format of other response messages.
(thanks to Chris Mikkelson)
* Fixes for memory leaks (thanks to Chris Mikkelson)
* New experimental(!) sub-module ldap.syncrepl implementing syncrepl
consumer (see RFC 4533, thanks to Chris Mikkelson)
* Cleaned up rst files
* Added missing classes
Released 2.4.3 2011-07-23
Changes since 2.4.2:
* Mostly corrected/updated __doc__ strings
* Corrected rst files
* Added missing modules, functions, classes, methods, parameters etc.
at least as auto-generated doc
Released 2.4.2 2011-07-21
Changes since 2.4.1:
* pprint.pformat() is now used when writing method/function
arguments to the trace log
* SubSchema.__init__() now has new key-word argument check_uniqueness
which enables checking whether OIDs are unique in the subschema subentry
* Code-cleaning: consequent use of method SubSchema.getoid() instead of
accessing SubSchema.name2oid directly.
* SubSchema.getoid() and SubSchema.getoid() now have key-word argument
raise_keyerror=0 and raise KeyError with appropriate description.
Released 2.4.1 2011-07-05
Changes since 2.4.0:
* New LDAP option OPT_X_TLS_PACKAGE available in OpenLDAP 2.4.26+
to determine the name of the SSL/TLS package OpenLDAP was
built with
* ldap.modlist.modifyModlist(): New key-word argument
case_ignore_attr_types used to define attribute types for which
comparison of old and new values should be case-insensitive
* Minor changes to which data is sent to debug output for various
trace levels
* Now tag [1] is used in in
compliance with RFC 2589 (fix available for OpenLDAP ITS#6886)
* New sub-module ldap.controls.sessiontrack implements request control
as described in draft-wahl-ldap-session (needs pyasn1_modules)
Released 2.4.0 2011-06-02
Changes since 2.3.13:
* OpenLDAP 2.4.11+ required to build
* Support for extracting LDAPv3 extended controls in
(see SF#2829057, thanks to Rich)
* Generic support for LDAPv3 extended operations (thanks to Rich)
* new class API in ldap.controls, not backwards-compatible!
* new sub-modules for ldap.controls, some require pyasn1 and pyasn1_modules
* New methods LDAPObject.result4() and LDAPObject.extop_result()
* New (optional) class ldap.controls.AssertionControl
* New helper module ldap.logger contains file-like object which
sends trace messages to logging.log()
* Removed non-functional method LDAPObject.set_cache_options()
* Removed unused dictionary ldap.controls.knownLDAPControls
* ldapcontrol.c: Fixed encode_assertion_control() and function is no longer
hidden behind ifdef-statement
Released 2.3.13 2011-02-19
Changes since 2.3.12:
* Correct #ifdef-statement for LDAP_OPT_X_TLS_CRLFILE in
constants.c fixes build with older OpenLDAP libs
* Support for LDAP_OPT_DEFBASE (see SF#3072016, thanks to Johannes)
Released 2.3.12 2010-08-05
Changes since 2.3.11:
* Removed tabs from various modules to make things work with python -tt.
* Quick fix to ldif.is_dn() to let multi-valued RDNs pass as valid.
Is too liberal in some corner-cases though...
* Fix to ldif.is_dn() to allow dashes in attribute type (see SF#3020292)
* now outputs a deprecation warning
* module-wide locking is now limited to calling _ldap.initialize().
Still ldap.functions._ldap_function_call() is used to wrap all
calls for writing debug log.
* New LDAP options available in OpenLDAP 2.4.18+ supported in
* Various small updates/improvements
Released 2.3.11 2010-02-26
Changes since 2.3.10:
* Fixed LDAP URL parsing with four ? but no real extensions
* ldap.ldapobject.LDAPObject.rename_s() now also accepts arguments
serverctrls and clientctrls
* Removed untested and undocumented class ldap.ldapobject.SmartLDAPObject
* Removed broken method ldap.ldapobject.LDAPObject.manage_dsa_it()
* Make use of LDAP_OPT_X_TLS_NEWCTX only if available in
OpenLDAP libs used for the build
* Fixed #ifdef-statements for OPT_X_TLS_PROTOCOL_MIN
* Some updates and corrections regarding description of use of
LDAPv3 controls
* Some more descriptions for constants
* Removed comments related to old LaTeX-based documentation system
Released 2.3.10 2009-10-30
Changes since 2.3.9:
* The diagnosticMessage returned by a server is written to the trace
output also for successful operations.
* Fixed handling of LDAP URL extensions with implicit value None which are
mapped to class attributes of LDAPUrl.
* Fixed handling of LDAP URLs with ? being part of extensions.
* Fixed exceptions raised by get_option/set_option (SF#1964993)
* ldap.functions: Fixed import trace-related variables from base-module ldap
* Fixed ldap.resiter missing in RPMs built with python bdist_rpm
* Fix in class ldap.schema.models.SchemaElement:
repr() was liberally used in methods key_attr() and key_list() to enclose
values in quotes.
* Changed internal API List_to_LDAPControls() to LDAPControls_from_object()
* Supported was added for retrieving the SASL username during SASL bind with
ldap_get_option(LDAP_OPT_X_SASL_USERNAME) if available in libldap.
* New LDAP option constant ldap.OPT_X_TLS_NEWCTX supported
in LDAPObject.set_option()
* New LDAP option constants supported in LDAPObject.get/set_option():
* Fixed setting _ldap.OPT_ON and _ldap.OPT_OFF
* l_ldap_result3(): controls are now parsed for all response types (SF#2829057)
* Added example for ldap.resiter
Released 2.3.9 2009-07-26
Changes since 2.3.8:
* All modules (ldap, ldif, dsml and ldapurl) have common version number now
* Non-exported function ldif.needs_base64() was abandoned and is now
implemented as method LDIFWriter._needs_base64_encoding().
This allows sub-classes of LDIFWriter to implement determining whether
attribute values have to be base64-encoded in a different manner and is
the same approach like in class dsml.DSMLWriter.
* LDAPUrlExtension._parse() now gracefully handles LDAP URL extensions
without explicit exvalue as being set with implicit value None.
* New LDAP option constant ldap.OPT_X_SASL_NOCANON supported
in LDAPObject.get/set_option()
Released 2.3.8 2009-04-30
Changes since 2.3.7:
* ldap.schema.models: More fault-tolerant parsing of SYNTAX in
* ldap.schema.tokenizer.split_tokens():
More tolerant parsing of items separated only with a DOLLAR without
surrounding white-spaces (because WSP is declared as zero or more spaces
in RFC 4512)
Released 2.3.7 2009-04-09
Changes since 2.3.6:
* urllib.quote() is now used in LDAPUrlExtension.unparse() to quote
all special URL characters in extension values
* Fixed ldapcontrol.c not to raise ldap.ENCODING_ERROR in
function encode_rfc2696() on 64-bit systems
* Fixed seg fault if error code in a LDAP response was outside
the known error codes and could not be mapped to a specific
exception class (thanks to Sean)
if available in OpenLDAP header
* new exception class ldap.PROXIED_AUTHORIZATION_DENIED
if available in OpenLDAP header
* Fixed functions.c not to raise ldap.ENCODING_ERROR in
function l_ldap_str2dn() on 64-bit systems (see SF#2725356)
Released 2.3.6 2009-02-22
Changes since 2.3.5:
* Importing ldap.str2dn() which directly imported _ldap.str2dn()
is prohibited now (see SF#2181141)
* get_option(): Added support for reading more SASL options.
* Added some explicit type casts to fix issues while building
with SunStudio
* Fixed compiling issue with GCC 4.4
(see SF#2555793, thanks to Matej and Martin)
* Clarified not to use ldap_get_dn() directly
* Fixed description of ldap.SASL_AVAIL and ldap.TLS_AVAIL
(see SF#2555804, thanks to Matej and Martin)
Released 2.3.5 2008-07-06
Changes since 2.3.4:
* Fixed methods ldap.cidict.__contains__() and
* FWIW method LDAPObject.cancel_s() returns a result now
* Fixed ldap.schema.models.NameForm: Class attribute oc is now
of type string, not tuple to be compliant with RFC 4512
Released 2.3.4 2008-03-29
Changes since 2.3.3:
* Fixed seg fault when calling LDAPObject.get_option()
(see SF#1926507, thanks to Matej)
Released 2.3.3 2008-03-26
Changes since 2.3.2:
Fixed backward-compability when building with OpenLDAP 2.3.x libs.
Released 2.3.2 2008-03-26
Changes since 2.3.1:
* ldap.dn.escape_dn_chars() now really adheres to
RFC 4514 section 2.4 by escaping null characters and a
space occurring at the beginning of the string
* New method ldap.cidict.cidict.__contains__()
* ldap.dn.explode_dn() and ldap.dn.explode_rdn()
have a new optional key-word argument flags which is
passed to ldap.dn.str2dn().
* Removed unused OPT_PRIVATE_EXTENSION_BASE from constants.c
* Various additions, updates, polishing (thanks to James).
Released 2.3.1 2007-07-25
Changes since 2.3.0:
* Support for setuptools (building .egg, thanks to Torsten)
* Support for matched values control (RFC 3876, thanks to Andreas)
* Fixed ldif (see SF#1709111, thanks to Dmitry)
* ldap.schema.models:
SUP now separated by $ (method __str__() of classes
AttributeType, ObjectClass and DITStructureRule, thanks to Stefan)
* Added constant MOD_INCREMENT to support
modify+increment extension (see RFC 4525, thanks to Andreas)
Released 2.3.0 2007-03-27
Changes since 2.2.1:
* OpenLDAP 2.3+ required now to build.
* Added support for Cancel operation ext. op. if supported
in OpenLDAP API of the libs used for the build.
* Removed deprecated code for setting options by name
* Added l_ldap_cancel()
* Some modifications related to PEP 353 for
Python 2.5 on 64-bit platforms (see SF#1467529, thanks to Matej)
* Added new function l_ldap_str2dn(), removed functions
l_ldap_explode_dn() and l_ldap_explode_rdn()
(see SF#1657848, thanks to David)
* Added method ldapobject.LDAPObject.cancel()
* ldap.schema.subentry.urlfetch() now can do non-anonymous
simple bind if the LDAP URL provided contains extensions
'bindname' and 'X-BINDPW'. (see SF#1589206)
* ldap.filter.escape_filter_chars() has new a key-word argument
escape_mode now which defines which chars to be escaped
(see SF#1193271).
* Various important fixes to ldapobject.ReconnectLDAPObject
* Moved all DN-related functions to sub-module ldap.dn,
import them in ldap.functions for backward compability
* ldap.dn.explode_dn() and ldap.dn.explode_rdn() use the new
wrapper function ldap.dn.str2dn() (related to SF#1657848)
* changetype issue partially fixed (see SF#1683746)
Released 2.2.1 2006-11-15
Changes since 2.2.0:
* Fix for Python 2.5 free(): invalid pointer (see SF#1575329)
* passwd() accepts None for arguments user, oldpw, newpw
(see SF#1440151)
* ldif.LDIFWriter.unparse() now accepts instances of
derived dict and list classes (see SF#1489898)
Released 2.2.0 2006-04-10
Changes since 2.0.11:
* OpenLDAP 2.2+ required now to build.
* Dropped all occurences of '#ifdef #LDAP_VENDOR_VERSION'.
* Fixed wrong tuple size in l_ldap_result3() (see SF#1368108)
* Fixed get_option(ldap.OPT_API_INFO) (see SF#1440165)
* Fixed memory leak in l_ldap_result3() when all=0
(see SF#1457325)
* Fixed memory leak in l_ldap_result3() in error cases
(see SF#1464085)
* Fixed ldap.schema.models.DITStructureRule.__str__() to
separate SUP rule-ids with a single space instead of ' $ '
* Fixed ldap.async.Dict
* Added ldap.async.IndexedDict
* ldap.schema.subentry.SubSchema.attribute_types() has new
key-word argument ignore_dit_content_rule
Released 2.0.11 2005-11-07
Changes since 2.0.10:
* Class ldap.ldapobject.LDAPObject:
Each method returns a result now
* Class ldap.ldapobject.ReconnectLDAPObject:
Some methods called the wrong methods of LDAPObject. Fixed.
* Added new class ldap.async.Dict
* Slightly cleaned up ldap.schema.subentry.attribute_types()
* New sub-module ldap.resiter which simply provides a mix-in
class for ldap.ldapobject.LDAPObject with a generator method
Obviously this only works with Python 2.3+. And
it's still experimental.
Released 2.0.10 2005-09-23
Changes since 2.0.9:
* Switched back to old implementation of
ldap.schema.tokenizer.split_tokens() since the new one
had a bug which deletes the spaces from DESC
* ldap.INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS is now ignored in
Released 2.0.9 2005-07-28
Changes since 2.0.8:
* Removed __doc__ strings from ldapcontrol.c to "fix"
build problems with Python versions 2.2 and earlier.
Released 2.0.8 2005-06-22 at Linuxtag 2005, Karlsruhe, Germany
Changes since 2.0.7:
* Preliminary support for receiving LDAP controls added.
- Andreas Ames
- Added classes in module ldif to ldif.__all__ to fix
from ldif import *
- Removed BitString syntax from
since the LDAP encoding is in fact human-readable
- ldapurl.LDAPUrlExtension.unparse() outputs empty string
if LDAPUrlExtension.exvalue is None
- Added ldap.controls.SimplePagedResultsControl
Released 2.0.7 2005-04-29
Changes since 2.0.6:
* Added preliminary support for sending LDAP controls
with a request.
- Deepak Giridharagopal
- Ingo Steuwer
(Receiving controls in LDAP results still not supported.)
* LDAPObject.c: removed l_ldap_manage_dsa_it()
* LDAPObject.c: Added missing #ifdef around l_ldap_passwd()
for compability with older OpenLDAP libs.
* New algorithm in ldap.schema.tokenizer.split_tokens()
contributed by Wido Depping which is more robust
when parsing very broken schema elements
(e.g. Oracle's OID).
* Fixed argument list (position of timeout) when calling
LDAPObject.search_ext_s() from search_st() and search_s().
* LDAPObject.search_ext_s() correctly calls search_ext_s() now.
* Re-implemented LDAPObject.manage_dsa_it() without calling _ldap.
Released 2.0.6 2004-12-03
Changes since 2.0.5:
* Added sub-module ldap.dn
* Added function ldap.dn.escape_dn_chars()
* Special check when implicitly setting SUP 'top' to
structural object classes without SUP defined to avoid
a loop in the super class chain.
Released 2.0.5 2004-11-11
Changes since 2.0.4:
Some small improvements for SASL:
The noisy output during SASL bind is avoided now. Interaction
with output on stderr can be enabled by the calling application
by explicitly defining SASL flags.
Removed obsolete directory Win32/.
* Make sure that ldap.sasl.sasl.cb_value_dict is a dictionary
even when the caller passes in None to argument cb_value_dict
* Added new key-word arg sasl_flags to method
* l_ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s():
New key-word arg sasl_flags passed to
Released 2.0.4 2004-10-27
Changes since 2.0.3:
* Applied some fixes for 64-bit platforms to LDAPObject.c
* Constants ldap.TLS_AVAIL and ldap.SASL_AVAIL will indicate
whether python-ldap was built with support for SSL/TLS
and/or SASL and Modules/
* Applied some fixes for building under Win32
Released 2.0.3 2004-10-06
Changes since 2.0.2:
* Added support for LDAP Password Modify Extended Operation
(see RFC 3062)
* Added
* Added l_ldap_passwd() in LDAPObject.c
* Added methods passwd() and passwd_s() to
Released 2.0.2 2004-07-29
Changes since 2.0.1:
* Fixed detecting appropriate OpenLDAP libs version for
determining whether ldap_whoami_s() is available or not.
This fixes build problems with OpenLDAP libs 2.1.0 up
to 2.1.12.
Released 2.0.1 2004-06-29
Changes since 2.0.0:
* Fixed wrong exception message format string
* Fixed Entry.__delitem__() to delete really everything
when deleting an attribute dictionary item.
Released 2.0.0 2004-05-18
Changes since 2.0.0pre21:
* Empty records are simply ignored in ldif.LDIFWriter.unparse()
* New method result2() returns 3-tuple containing the msgid
of the outstanding operation.
* New _ldap wrapper method LDAPObject.result2() (see above)
which is now used by LDAPObject.result().
Released 2.0.0pre21 2004-03-29
Changes since 2.0.0pre20:
* runtime_library_dirs is set
* (Hopefully) fixed building with OpenLDAP 2.2 libs in errors.c
* Removed meaningless repr() function from LDAPObject.c
* Removed setting LDAP_OPT_PROTOCOL_VERSION in l_ldap_sasl_bind_s()
* Modified string handling via berval instead of *char
in l_ldap_compare_ext() makes it possible to compare attribute
values with null chars.
* Wrapped ldap_sasl_bind() for simple binds instead of ldap_bind()
since 1. the latter is marked deprecated and 2. ldap_sasl_bind()
allows password credentials with null chars.
* Removed unused sources linkedlist.c and linkedlist.h
* Function l_ldap_whoami_s() only added if built against
OpenLDAP 2.1.x+ libs (should preserve compability with 2.0 libs)
* LDAPObject.bind() only allows simple binds since Kerberos V4
binds of LDAPv2 are not supported anymore. An assert statement
was added to make the coder aware of that.
* Renamed former LDAPObject.sasl_bind_s() to
LDAPObject.sasl_interactive_bind_s() since it wraps OpenLDAP's
Released 2.0.0pre20 2004-03-19
Changes since 2.0.0pre19:
* Removed doc strings from functions.c
* Removed probably unused wrapper function l_ldap_dn2ufn() since
ldap_dn2ufn() is deprecated in OpenLDAP 2.1+
* Removed wrapper function l_ldap_is_ldap_url().
* Removed macro add_int_r() from constants.c since it caused
incompability issues with OpenLDAP 2.2 libs
(Warning: all result types are Integers now! Use the constants!)
* New wrapper function l_ldap_whoami_s()
* New wrapper method LDAPObject.whoami_s()
* Removed is_ldap_url(). The more general function
ldapurl.isLDAPUrl() should be used instead.
* Added class cram_md5 (for SASL mech CRAM-MD5)
* Use constants for search result types (see note about
add_int_r() above).
Released 2.0.0pre19 2004-01-22
Changes since 2.0.0pre18:
* LDAPObject.c:
Most deprecated functions of OpenLDAP C API are not used anymore.
* functions.c:
Removed unused default_ldap_port().
* constants.c:
Removed unused or silly constants
* errors.c:
Fixed building with OpenLDAP 2.2.x
(errors caused by negative error constants in ldap.h)
* Removed unused wrapper methods uncache_entry(), uncache_request(),
url_search(), url_search_st() and url_search_s()
* New wrapper methods for all the _ext() methods in _ldap.LDAPObject.
* Some performance optimizations and simplifications
in function modifyModlist()
Released 2.0.0pre18 2003-12-09
Changes since 2.0.0pre17:
* Fixed missing ldap._ldap_function_call() in
Released 2.0.0pre17 2003-12-03
Changes since 2.0.0pre16:
* Fixed ImportError when running python -O
Released 2.0.0pre16 2003-12-02
Changes since 2.0.0pre15:
* Removed definition of unused constant RES_EXTENDED_PARTIAL since
the corresponding symbol LDAP_RES_EXTENDED_PARTIAL seems to not
be available in OpenLDAP-HEAD (pre 2.2) anymore.
All in Lib/
* Fixed some subtle bugs/oddities mentioned by pychecker.
* Renamed DSMLWriter._f to DSMLWriter._output_file
* Added wrapper method DSMLWriter.unparse() which simply
calls DSMLWriter.writeRecord()
* Simplified LDAPObject.search_subschemasubentry_s()
* Moved ldap._ldap_function_call() into ldap.functions.
* apply() is not used anymore since it seems deprecated
* Added class DSMLWriter
* Removed unused key-word argument strict from
* Fixed backward compability issue (for Python prior to 2.2) in
Released 2.0.0pre15 2003-11-11
Changes since 2.0.0pre14:
Follow rule "Always include Python.h first"
* Added new method SubSchema.get_structural_oc()
* Added new method SubSchema.get_applicable_aux_classes()
* Methods SubSchema.listall() and SubSchema.tree() have
new key-word argument schema_element_filters
* Support for DIT content rules in SubSchema.attribute_types()
Released 2.0.0pre14 2003-10-03
Changes since 2.0.0pre13:
* Some modifications to ease building for Win32
* Added directory Build/ mainly intended for platform-specific
examples of setup.cfg
* Fixed installing ldap.filter
* Added class attribute LDAPObject.network_timeout mapped to
* LDAPObject.search_ext(): Pass arguments serverctrls,clientctrls
to _ldap.search_ext()
* Added class ldap.sasl.external for handling
the SASL mechanism EXTERNAL
* Dictionary ldap.sasl.saslmech_handler_class built during import
for all the known SASL mechanisms derived from class definitions
* More graceful handling of KeyError in SubSchema.attribute_types()
* New method SubSchema.get_inheritedattr() for retrieving inherited
class attributes
* New method SubSchema.get_inheritedobj() for retrieving a
schema element instance including all inherited class attributes
Released 2.0.0pre13 2003-06-02
Changes since 2.0.0pre12:
* Checking type of argument writer_obj relaxed in
LDIFWriter.__init__() since file-like objects are
not necessarily an instance of file.
* ldap.schema.subentry.SubSchema.attribute_types() now correctly
handles attribute types without NAME set
* If SUP is not defined for a structural object class 'top' is
assumed to be the only super-class by default
* '_' is now the abstract top node in SubSchema.tree() for all
schema element classes since ABSTRACT and AUXILIARY object
classes are not derived from 'top' by default
Released 2.0.0pre12 2003-05-27
Changes since 2.0.0pre11:
New sub-module ldap.filter:
* Added functions escape_filter_chars() and filter_format()
* Trace log writes LDAP URI of connection instead of module name
* search_s() passes self.timeout as argument timeout when
calling search_ext_s()
* Key-word arguments for simple_bind() and simple_bind_s()
with defaults for anonymous bind.
* LDAPObject.protocol_version is set to LDAPv3 as default
(this might make code changes necessary in a real LDAPv2
* Default for key-word argument trace_stack_limit passed to
__init__() is 5
* Updated __doc__ strings
* Aligned and tested ReconnectLDAPObject and SmartLDAPObject
* LDIFWriter uses ldif.LDIFWriter instead of calling
function ldif.CreateLDIF
* LDIFWriter accepts either file-like object or ldif.LDIFWriter
instance as argument for specifying the output
* Abandoned argument all_records of LDIFRecordList.__init__()
* urllib.unquote() used instead of urllib.unquote_plus()
Released 2.0.0pre11 2003-05-02
Changes since 2.0.0pre10:
* Cosmetic change: Named argument list for
instead of *args,**kwargs.
* Fixed bug in ReconnectLDAPObject._apply_method_s() affecting
compability with Python 2.0. The bug was introduced with
2.0.0pre09 by dropping use of apply().
* modifyModlist(): Only None is filtered from attribute value lists,
'' is preserved as valid attribute value. But filtering applies
to old_value and new_value now.
* Zero-length attribute values for schema elements are ignored
(needed on e.g. Active Directory)
Added support for parsing and generating DSMLv1.
Still experimental though.
Released 2.0.0pre10 2003-04-19
Changes since 2.0.0pre09:
* Emulate BooleanType for compability with Python2.3 in assert
Released 2.0.0pre09 2003-04-19
Changes since 2.0.0pre08:
Modified to support Cyrus-SASL 2.x.
* apply() is not used anymore since it seems deprecated
* Fixed __setstate__() and __getstate__() of ReconnectLDAPObject
* Completed classes for nameForms, dITStructureRules and
Released 2.0.0pre08 2003-04-11
Changes since 2.0.0pre07:
* For backward compability with Python versions prior to 2.2
Lib/ldap/schema/ and Lib/ldap/schema/ use
(()) instead of tuple() for creating empty tuples.
Released 2.0.0pre07 2003-04-03
Changes since 2.0.0pre06:
* Wrapped OpenLDAP's ldap_search_ext()
* Removed empty __doc__ strings
* Removed fileno
* Removed all stuff related to caching in OpenLDAP libs
* Fixed SASL rebind in ldap.ldapobject.ReconnectLDAPObject
* use search_ext() instead ldap_search()
* new class attribute timeout for setting a global time-out
value for all synchronous operations
* Fixed two typos in ldap.schema.models
* Some attempts to improve performance of parser/tokenizer
* Completely reworked to have separate OID dictionaries for
the different schema element classes
* Fixed the Demo/schema*.py to reflect changes to ldap.schema
Documentation updates and various __doc__ string modifications.
* Removed all Unicode stuff from module ldapurl
* Consistent URL encoding in module ldapurl
* Removed ldif.FileWriter
* Proper handling of FILL (see RFC 2849)
Released 2.0.0pre06 2002-09-23
Changes since 2.0.0pre05:
- Fine-grained locking when linking against libldap_r
- New wrapper class ldap.ReconnectLDAPObject
- Security fix to module ldapurl
- Other fixes and improvements to whole package
- LDAPv3 schema support
(still somewhat premature and undocumented)
Released 2.0.0pre05 2002-07-20
Released 2.0.0pre04 2002-02-09
Released 2.0.0pre02 2002-02-01
Released 1.10alpha3 2000-09-19