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:py:mod:`ldap.schema` Handling LDAPv3 schema

.. py:module:: ldap.schema

This module deals with schema information usually retrieved from a special subschema subentry provided by the server. It is closely modeled along the directory information model described in the following RFC with which you should make yourself familiar when trying to use this module:

.. seealso::

   :rfc:`4512` - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP): Directory Information Models

:py:mod:`ldap.schema.subentry` Processing LDAPv3 subschema subentry

.. py:module:: ldap.schema.subentry


   Dictionary where the keys are the OIDs of LDAP syntaxes known to be
   not human-readable when displayed to a console without conversion
   and which cannot be decoded to a :py:data:`types.UnicodeType`.


.. autofunction:: ldap.schema.subentry.urlfetch


.. autoclass:: ldap.schema.subentry.SubSchema

:py:mod:`ldap.schema.models` Schema elements

.. py:module:: ldap.schema.models

.. autoclass:: ldap.schema.models.Entry

.. autoclass:: ldap.schema.models.SchemaElement

.. autoclass:: ldap.schema.models.AttributeType

.. autoclass:: ldap.schema.models.ObjectClass

.. autoclass:: ldap.schema.models.MatchingRule

.. autoclass:: ldap.schema.models.MatchingRuleUse

.. autoclass:: ldap.schema.models.DITContentRule

.. autoclass:: ldap.schema.models.NameForm

.. autoclass:: ldap.schema.models.DITStructureRule

Examples for ldap.schema

import ldap.schema