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This package provides python bindings for the LZ4 compression library.

The production ready bindings provided in this package cover the frame format, and the block format specifications. The frame format bindings are the recommended ones to use, as this guarantees interoperability with other implementations and language bindings.

Experimental bindings for the the streaming format specification are also included, but further work on those is required.

The API provided by the frame format bindings follows that of the LZMA, zlib, gzip and bzip2 compression libraries which are provided with the Python standard library. As such, these LZ4 bindings should provide a drop-in alternative to the compression libraries shipped with Python. The package provides context managers and file handler support.

The bindings drop the GIL when calling in to the underlying LZ4 library, and is thread safe. An extensive test suite is included.



Full documentation is included with the project. The documentation is generated using Sphinx. Documentation is also hosted on readthedocs.



The project homepage is hosted on Github. Please report any issues you find using the issue tracker.


Code specific to this project is covered by the BSD 3-Clause License