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Off-The-Record Protocol Implementation in Python

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Python OTR

This is a pure Python OTR implementation; it does not bind to libotr.

Included in this package is a Gajim Python plugin to enable OTR support in the Gajim XMPP/Jabber client. This plugin is called gotr.

Install the potr Python module:

sudo python install

Note that this will install (but not activate) the gajim-otr plugin if a gajim directory can be found in $PREFIX/share/gajim.

Dependencies: pycrypto >= 2.1 (see dlitz/pycrypto)

Gajim OTR Plugin

As mentioned above, a gajim-otr plugin is provided in src/gajim-plugin and can be installed using distutils.

The gajim search path can be changed manually by specifiying --gajim-dir to the install commmand:

sudo python install --gajim-dir=~/gajim

After installing, the plugin must be manually enabled in the Gajim plugin interface.

Reporting bugs

Please read the FAQ before submitting your issue to the tracker.

libotr SWIG bindings and redirect here. If you are still looking for the old C library bindings, they have moved to

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