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Off-The-Record Protocol Implementation in Python

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Python OTR

This is a pure Python OTR implementation; it does not bind to libotr.

Included in this package is a Gajim Python plugin to enable OTR support in the Gajim XMPP/Jabber client. This plugin is called gotr.

Install the potr Python module:

sudo python install

Note that this will install (but not activate) the gajim-otr plugin if a gajim directory can be found in $PREFIX/share/gajim.

Dependencies: pycrypto >= 2.1 (see dlitz/pycrypto)

Gajim OTR Plugin

As mentioned above, a gajim-otr plugin is provided in src/gajim-plugin and can be installed using distutils.

The gajim search path can be changed manually by specifiying --gajim-dir to the install commmand:

sudo python install --gajim-dir=~/gajim

After installing, the plugin must be manually enabled in the Gajim plugin interface.

libotr SWIG bindings and redirect here. If you are still looking for the old C library bindings, they have moved to

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