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Terminals as regular expresions #8

versae opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I need to build a grammar from user inputs, and I was trying to do something like this

parsley.makeGrammar("d = '{test}'".format(test="TeSt"), {})("TeSt").d()

But having {test} case insensitive, so I tried the next

parsley.makeGrammar("d = '(?i){test}'".format(test="TeSt"), {})("TeSt").d()
parsley.makeGrammar("d = (?i)'{test}'".format(test="TeSt"), {})("TeSt").d()

But none of them worked. Is there any way to achieve that?


Any update on this?

I almost got it working using this ugly rule

import re
parsley.makeGrammar("d = anything*:x !(re.compile('(?i){test}').match(''.join(x)) and ''.join(x))".format(test="TeSt"), {"re": re})("TeSt").d()

having an re() rule that took a regular expression could be interesting. let me know what you come up with :)


Any advance on this? Thanks!

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