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This directory contains a number of more or less trivial utilities and demo programs.

Comments and contributions are welcome.

</F> (by Eric S. Raymond)

A class implementing an image-processing calculator for scripts. Parses lists of commands (or, called interactively, command-line arguments) into image loads, transformations, and saves.

A simple image viewer. Can display all file formats handled by PIL. Transparent images are properly handled.

A simple utility that demonstrates how a transparent 1-bit overlay can be used to show the current thresholding of an 8-bit image.

Illustrates the ImageEnhance module. Drag the sliders to modify the images. This might be very slow on some platforms, depending on the Tk version.

Illustrates how a painting program could be based on PIL and Tk. Press the left mouse button and drag over the image to remove the colour. Some clever tricks have been used to get decent performance when updating the screen; see the sources for details.

A simple image sequence player. You can use either a sequence format like FLI/FLC, GIF, or ARG, or give a number of images which are interpreted as frames in a sequence. All frames must have the same size.

Convert a sequence file to a GIF animation.

Note that the GIF encoder provided with this release of PIL writes uncompressed GIF files only, so the resulting animations are rather large compared with these created by other tools.

Split a sequence file into individual frames.


Legacy image scripts extracted from Pillow








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