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@sdispater sdispater released this
· 1755 commits to master since this release
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  • Added support for packages, include and exclude properties.
  • Added a new shell command. (Thanks to @cauebs)
  • Added license validation in init command.


  • Changed the dependency installation order, deepest dependencies are now installed first.
  • Improved solver error messages.
  • poetry now always reads/writes the pyproject.toml file with the utf-8 encoding.
  • config --list now lists all available settings.
  • init no longer adds pytest to development dependencies.


  • Fixed handling of duplicate dependencies with different constraints.
  • Fixed system requirements in lock file for sub dependencies.
  • Fixed detection of new prereleases.
  • Fixed unsafe packages being locked.
  • Fixed versions detection in custom repositories.
  • Fixed package finding with multiple custom repositories.
  • Fixed handling of root incompatibilities.
  • Fixed an error where packages from custom repositories would not be found.
  • Fixed wildcard Python requirement being wrongly set in distributions metadata.
  • Fixed installation of packages from a custom repository.
  • Fixed remove command's case sensitivity. (Thanks to @cauebs)
  • Fixed detection of .egg-info directory for non-poetry projects. (Thanks to @gtors)
  • Fixed only-wheel builds. (Thanks to @gtors)
  • Fixed key and array order in lock file to avoid having differences when relocking.
  • Fixed errors when git could not be found.