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@sdispater sdispater released this
· 1721 commits to master since this release
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  • Added a brand new installer.
  • Added support for multi-constraints dependencies.
  • Added a cache version system.
  • Added a --lock option to update to only update the lock file without executing operations. (Thanks to @greysteil)
  • Added support for the Project-URL metadata.
  • Added support for optional scripts.
  • Added a --no-dev option to show. (Thanks to @rodcloutier)


  • Improved virtualenv detection and management.
  • Wildcard python dependencies are now equivalent to ~2.7 || ^3.4.
  • Changed behavior of the resolver for conditional dependencies.
  • The install command will now install the current project in editable mode.
  • The develop command is now deprecated in favor of install.
  • Improved the check command.
  • Empty passwords are now supported when publishing.


  • Fixed a memory leak in the resolver.
  • Fixed a recursion error on duplicate dependencies with only different extras.
  • Fixed handling of extras.
  • Fixed duplicate entries in both sdist and wheel.
  • Fixed excluded files appearing in the package_data of the generated
  • Fixed transitive directory dependencies installation.
  • Fixed file permissions for configuration and authentication files.
  • Fixed an error in cache:clear for Python 2.7.
  • Fixed publishing for the first time with a prerelease.