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· 1031 commits to master since this release
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  • Added an export command to export the lock file to other formats (only requirements.txt is currently supported).
  • Added a env info command to get basic information about the current environment.
  • Added a env use command to control the Python version used by the project.
  • Added a env list command to list the virtualenvs associated with the current project.
  • Added a env remove command to delete virtualenvs associated with the current project.
  • Added support for POETRY_HOME declaration within
  • Added support for declaring a specific source for dependencies.
  • Added support for disabling PyPI and making another repository the default one.
  • Added support for declaring private repositories as secondary.
  • Added the ability to specify packages on a per-format basis.
  • Added support for custom urls in metadata.
  • Full environment markers are now supported for dependencies via the markers property.
  • Added the ability to specify git dependencies directly in add, it no longer requires the --git option.
  • Added the ability to specify path dependencies directly in add, it no longer requires the --path option.
  • Added support for url dependencies (#1260).
  • Publishing to PyPI using API tokens is now supported (#1275).
  • Licenses can now be identified by their full name.
  • Added support for custom certificate authority and client certificates for private repositories.
  • Poetry can now detect and use Conda environments.


  • Slightly changed the lock file, making it potentially incompatible with previous Poetry versions.
  • The cache:clear command has been renamed to cache clear.
  • The debug:info command has been renamed to debug info.
  • The debug:resolve command has been renamed to debug resolve.
  • The self:update command has been renamed to self update.
  • Changed the way virtualenvs are stored (names now depend on the project's path).
  • The --git option of the add command has been removed.
  • The --path option of the add command has been removed.
  • The add command will now automatically select the latest prerelease if only prereleases are available.
  • The add command can now update a dependencies if an explicit constraint is given (#1221).
  • Removed the --develop option from the install command.
  • Improved UX when searching for packages in the init command.
  • The shell command has been improved.
  • The poetry run command now uses os.execvp() rather than spawning a new subprocess.
  • Specifying dependencies with allows-prereleases in the pyproject.toml file is deprecated for consistency with the add command. Use allow-prereleases instead.
  • Improved the error message when the lock file is invalid.
  • Whenever Poetry needs to use the "system" Python, it will now call sys.executable instead of the python command.
  • Improved the error message displayed on conflicting Python requirements (#1681).
  • Improved the site-packages directory detection (#1683).


  • Fixed transitive extra dependencies being removed when updating a specific dependency.
  • The pyproject.toml configuration is now properly validated.
  • Fixed installing Poetry-based packages breaking with pip.
  • Fixed packages with empty markers being added to the lock file.
  • Fixed invalid lock file generation in some cases.
  • Fixed local version identifier handling in wheel file names.
  • Fixed packages with invalid metadata triggering an error instead of being skipped.
  • Fixed the generation of invalid lock files in some cases.
  • Git dependencies are now properly locked to a specific revision when specifying a branch or a tag.
  • Fixed the behavior of the ~= operator.
  • Fixed dependency resolution for conditional development dependencies.
  • Fixed generated dependency constraints when they contain inequality operators.
  • The run command now properly handles the -- separator.
  • Fixed some issues with path dependencies being seen as git dependencies.
  • Fixed various issues with the way extra markers in dependencies were handled.
  • Fixed the option conflicts in the run command.
  • Fixed wrong latest version being displayed when executing show -l.
  • Fixed TooManyRedirects errors being raised when resolving dependencies.
  • Fixed custom indices dependencies being constantly updated.
  • Fixed the behavior of the --install option of the debug resolve command.
  • Fixed an error in show when using the -o/--outdated option.
  • Fixed PEP 508 url dependency handling.
  • Fixed excluded files via the exclude being included in distributions.
  • Fixed an error in env use if the setting is activated (#1682)
  • Fixed handling of empty and any markers in unions of markers (#1650).