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@github-actions github-actions released this 01 Oct 11:37


  • The init command will now use existing pyproject.toml if possible (#2448).
  • Error messages when metadata information retrieval fails have been improved (#2997).


  • Fixed parsing of version constraint for rc prereleases (#2978).
  • Fixed how some metadata information are extracted from setup.cfg files (#2957).
  • Fixed return codes returned by the executor (#2981).
  • Fixed whitespaces not being accepted for the list of extras when adding packages (#2985).
  • Fixed repositories specified in the pyproject.toml file not being taken into account for authentication when downloading packages (#2990).
  • Fixed permission errors when installing the root project if the site-packages directory is not writeable (#3002).
  • Fixed environment marker propagation when exporting to the requirements.txt format (#3002).
  • Fixed errors when paths in run command contained spaces (#3015).