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@github-actions github-actions released this 25 Sep 15:34


  • The setting will now always be honored, if set explicitly, regardless of the presence of a .venv directory (#2771).
  • Adding packages already present in the pyproject.toml file will no longer raise an error (#2886).
  • Errors when authenticating against custom repositories will now be logged (#2577).


  • Fixed an error on Python 3.5 when resolving URL dependencies (#2954).
  • Fixed the dependency option of the init command being ignored (#2587).
  • Fixed the show command displaying erroneous information following the changes in the lock file format (#2967).
  • Fixed dependency resolution errors due to invalid python constraints propagation (#2968).

Notice for FreeBSD Users

For using poetry on FreeBSD 11 and 13 under Python 3.5, we recommend that you use an installation method other than the script.

Installation using script of FreeBSD 11 and 13 releases do not included vendored dependencies for Python 3.5 environments. This is due to FreeBSD build environments not provided python35 packages at the time of this release. Users on these environments, with a previous 1.1.0 preview releases should not use poetry update to consume this release.

FreeBSD 12 release will also drop Python 3.5 vendored dependencies in future releases.