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+A critical problem was identified, caused by a conflict between farad
+and Faraday identified in quantities <0.7. F is commonly used as a
+symbol for both the farad and Faraday's constant. This is problematic
+for quanitities, which registers its units so they can be accessed
+using a string corresponding to the unit name or symbol. In this
+case, the Faraday constant was registered after the farad, so any
+quantity that was expressed in terms of farads would be incorrectly
+simplified using the Faraday constant. This problem has been fixed
+and the registry has been improved to prevent overwriting previously
+registered names or symbols. F is now reserved for the farad.
+Addition and subtraction of quantities with different but compatible
+units is now supported. Additionally, changes have been made in the
+forthcoming numpy-1.4.0 to extend this compatibility to other ufuncs
+as well.
+Numpydoc, an external package developed to extend Sphinx for the
+numpy documentation project, is now required to build quantities'
+Bugs fixed
+* #495181 epsilon_0 simplifies incorrectly
+* #490323 bad spelling for polarizabilities
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-to install quantities, run the following in the source directory:
-python install
-By default, quantities uses Unicode to present units, which can be
-problematic on some platforms like windows. Unicode can be disabled
-by doing:
-python install --no-unicode
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+to install quantities, run the following in the source directory:
+python install

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