Recommender Systems in Depth: An introduction to Recommender Systems using Python and Crab


.. -*- mode: rst -*-

   Recsys lectures as IPython notebooks

   Those are lectures and demonstrations of Recsys  using several libraries such as ``crab``,  ``pandas``, ``scikit-learn``,
   ``mrjob`` and ``ipython``. 

   The target audience is experienced Python developers familiar with scientific computing.

   Source code of the tutorial and exercises

   To open these notebooks in IPython, download the files to a directory on your computer and from that directory run:

       $ ipython notebook

       This will open a new page in your browser with a list of the available notebooks.

       Online read-only versions

       Use the following links:

       * [0-Introduction-to-Non-Personalized-Recommenders](


       This tutorial is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution
       3.0 license. The Python example code and solutions to exercises are
       distributed under the license Simplified BSD.