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Test Anything Protocol (TAP) reporting plugin for pytest

The plugin outputs test results as TAP data in a variety of formats. See the tappy documentation for more information on usage.


$ pip install pytest-tap


This is an example usage from the plugin's test suite.

$ py.test --tap-stream
ok 1 - TestPlugin.test_generates_reports_for_combined
ok 2 - TestPlugin.test_generates_reports_for_files
ok 3 - TestPlugin.test_generates_reports_for_stream
ok 4 - TestPlugin.test_includes_options
ok 5 - TestPlugin.test_skips_reporting_with_no_output_option
ok 6 - TestPlugin.test_track_when_call_report
ok 7 - TestPlugin.test_tracker_combined_set
ok 8 - TestPlugin.test_tracker_outdir_set
ok 9 - TestPlugin.test_tracker_stream_set
ok 10 - TestPlugin.test_tracks_not_ok
ok 11 - TestPlugin.test_tracks_ok
ok 12 - TestPlugin.test_tracks_skip


First, come talk! File an issue in GitHub and we can discuss your bug/feature/idea. If you are ready to start coding...

pytest-tap uses Pipenv to manage development. The following instructions assume that Pipenv is installed. See the Pipenv install instructions for more details.

After installing Pipenv:

$ git clone git@github.com:python-tap/pytest-tap.git
$ cd pytest-tap
$ pipenv install --dev --ignore-pipfile
$ pipenv shell
$ # Edit some files and run the tests.
$ pytest

Once your feature or bug fix is ready, submit a Pull Request.

...profit! 💰