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This directory collects "newsfragments": short files that each contain a snippet of ReST-formatted text that will be added to the next release notes. This should be a description of aspects of the change (if any) that are relevant to users. (This contrasts with your commit message and PR description, which are a description of the change as relevant to people working on the code itself.)

Each file should be named like <ISSUE>.<TYPE>.rst, where <ISSUE> is an issue numbers, and <TYPE> is one of:

  • feature
  • bugfix
  • doc
  • removal
  • misc

So for example: 123.feature.rst, 456.bugfix.rst

If your PR fixes an issue, use that number here. If there is no issue, then after you submit the PR and get the PR number you can add a newsfragment using that instead.

Note that the towncrier tool will automatically reflow your text, so don't try to do any fancy formatting. You can install towncrier and then run towncrier --draft if you want to get a preview of how your change will look in the final release notes.