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This directory collects "newsfragments": short files that each contain a snippet of ReST-formatted text that will be added to the next release notes. This should be a description of aspects of the change (if any) that are relevant to users. (This contrasts with your commit message and PR description, which are a description of the change as relevant to people working on the code itself.)

Each file should be named like <ISSUE>.<TYPE>.rst, where <ISSUE> is an issue number, and <TYPE> is one of:

  • headline: a major new feature we want to highlight for users
  • breaking: any breaking changes that happen without a proper deprecation period (note: deprecations, and removal of previously deprecated features after an appropriate time, go in the deprecated category instead)
  • feature: any new feature that doesn't qualify for headline
  • bugfix
  • doc
  • deprecated
  • misc

So for example: 123.headline.rst, 456.bugfix.rst, 789.deprecated.rst

If your PR fixes an issue, use that number here. If there is no issue, then after you submit the PR and get the PR number you can add a newsfragment using that instead.

Your text can use all the same markup that we use in our Sphinx docs. For example, you can use double-backticks to mark code snippets, or single-backticks to link to a function/class/module.

To check how your formatting looks, the easiest way is to make the PR, and then after the CI checks run, click on the "Read the Docs build" details link, and navigate to the release history page.