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Merge pull request #376 from bwtakacy/update_CONTRIBUTING.rst

Remove the notation about 'make zookeeper'.
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2 parents e83158f + de2a020 commit 4dddb7ee77c293b14dddf38add877fe31e72fc35 @harlowja harlowja committed
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@@ -24,11 +24,11 @@ your new repository and run the build scripts::
git clone<username>/kazoo.git
cd kazoo
- make zookeeper
You need to have some supported version of Python installed and have
it available as ``python`` in your shell. To run Zookeeper you also
-need a Java runtime (JRE or JDK) version 6 or 7.
+need a Java runtime (JRE or JDK) version 6 or 7. To run tests, you
+need to have the tox, Python testing tool, to be installed in your shell.
You can run all the tests by calling::

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