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Fix KazooClient to not have over a dozen parameters #49

bbangert opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Python Zookeeper High-Level Libraries member

KazooClient has way more parameters than it should, also, there's no way to specify connection handling retry limits separately from the client.retry command retry limits. Ideally, all retry options should be replaced by just two options, that let someone pass in a RetrySleeper (which is used for the connection retries) and a KazooRetry (which is used for command retries).

This would get rid of the mess of parameters, and make it possible to specify the command retries separately from the connection retries.

Python Zookeeper High-Level Libraries member

A connection_retry vs. command_retry is now added that reduces options.

@bbangert bbangert closed this

That's awesome, now I can throw monkey patches away. Thanks!

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