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A bot to help identify missing information for CPython pull requests
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Mariatta Don't pass `maintainer_can_modify` when patching the PR. (#163)
We used to need to pass the `maintainer_can_modify` flag, but now we're getting error message `422 Validation Failed for 'maintainer_can_modify'` when patching the PR. (to append the bpo link)

Removing the `maintainer_can_modify` flag fixes the problem, I tested in command line.
Hopefully this quick fix can unblock people.

Perhaps something changed from GitHub side, but I'm not seeing anything obvious in [their changelog](

Closes #162
Closes python/core-workflow#321
Latest commit ebd40d7 Apr 8, 2019
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bedevere Don't pass `maintainer_can_modify` when patching the PR. (#163) Apr 8, 2019
tests Apply 'awaiting core review' label to new core-dev PRs (#158) Mar 21, 2019
.gitignore Be more tolerant of title formats (#105) May 16, 2018
.pyup.yml create config file (#80) Jan 24, 2018
LICENSE Assign copyright to the PSF Apr 7, 2017
Procfile Fix a typo in the Procfile Apr 2, 2017 Fix broken link in README (#147) Dec 14, 2018
dev-requirements.txt Update pytest from 4.3.0 to 4.4.0 (#161) Apr 1, 2019
pytest.ini Adopt to aiohttp 3.0 (#101) Mar 13, 2018
requirements.txt Scheduled monthly dependency update for March (#156) Mar 1, 2019
runtime.txt Don't pass `maintainer_can_modify` when patching the PR. (#163) Apr 8, 2019


Build Status codecov

This bot is meant to help identify issues with a CPython pull request.

What the bot identifies issue numbers in the title

If no b.p.o issue number is found the status fails and the "Details" link points to the relevant section of the devguide. If an issue number is found then the "Details" link points to the issue itself, making it easier to navigate from PR to issue.

Aside: where does the name come from?

Since this bot is about identifying pull requests that need changes, it seemed fitting to name it after Sir Bedevere who knew how to identify a witch.

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