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Fixer that changes zip(seq0, seq1, ...) into list(zip(seq0, seq1, ...)
unless there exists a 'from future_builtins import zip' statement in the
top-level namespace.
We avoid the transformation if the zip() call is directly contained in
iter(<>), list(<>), tuple(<>), sorted(<>), ...join(<>), or for V in <>:.
# Local imports
from .. import fixer_base
from ..fixer_util import Name, Call, in_special_context
class FixZip(fixer_base.ConditionalFix):
BM_compatible = True
power< 'zip' args=trailer< '(' [any] ')' >
skip_on = ""
def transform(self, node, results):
if self.should_skip(node):
if in_special_context(node):
return None
new = node.clone()
new.prefix = ""
new = Call(Name("list"), [new])
new.prefix = node.prefix
return new