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@echo off
rem Run Tests. Run the regression test suite.
rem Usage: rt [-d] [-O] [-q] [-x64] regrtest_args
rem -d Run Debug build (python_d.exe). Else release build.
rem -O Run python.exe or python_d.exe (see -d) with -O.
rem -q "quick" -- normally the tests are run twice, the first time
rem after deleting all the .pyc files reachable from Lib/.
rem -q runs the tests just once, and without deleting .pyc files.
rem -x64 Run the 64-bit build of python (or python_d if -d was specified)
rem When omitted, uses %PREFIX% if set or the 32-bit build
rem All leading instances of these switches are shifted off, and
rem whatever remains (up to 9 arguments) is passed to
rem For example,
rem rt -O -d -x test_thread
rem runs
rem python_d -O ../lib/test/ -x test_thread
rem twice, and
rem rt -q -g test_binascii
rem runs
rem python_d ../lib/test/ -g test_binascii
rem to generate the expected-output file for binascii quickly.
rem Confusing: if you want to pass a comma-separated list, like
rem -u network,largefile
rem then you have to quote it on the rt line, like
rem rt -u "network,largefile"
set pcbuild=%~dp0
set suffix=
set qmode=
set dashO=
set regrtestargs=
set exe=
if "%1"=="-O" (set dashO=-O) & shift & goto CheckOpts
if "%1"=="-q" (set qmode=yes) & shift & goto CheckOpts
if "%1"=="-d" (set suffix=_d) & shift & goto CheckOpts
if "%1"=="-x64" (set prefix=%pcbuild%amd64) & shift & goto CheckOpts
if "%1"=="-arm64" (set prefix=%pcbuild%arm64) & shift & goto CheckOpts
if "%1"=="-arm32" (set prefix=%pcbuild%arm32) & shift & goto CheckOpts
if NOT "%1"=="" (set regrtestargs=%regrtestargs% %1) & shift & goto CheckOpts
if not defined prefix set prefix=%pcbuild%win32
set exe=%prefix%\python%suffix%.exe
set cmd="%exe%" %dashO% -u -Wd -E -bb -m test %regrtestargs%
if defined qmode goto Qmode
echo Deleting .pyc files ...
"%exe%" ""
echo Cleaning _pth files ...
if exist %prefix%\*._pth del %prefix%\*._pth
echo on
@echo off
echo About to run again without deleting .pyc first:
echo on
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