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"""Run Python's test suite in a fast, rigorous way.
The defaults are meant to be reasonably thorough, while skipping certain
tests that can be time-consuming or resource-intensive (e.g. largefile),
or distracting (e.g. audio and gui). These defaults can be overridden by
simply passing a -u option to this script.
import os
import sys
def is_multiprocess_flag(arg):
return arg.startswith('-j') or arg.startswith('--multiprocess')
def is_resource_use_flag(arg):
return arg.startswith('-u') or arg.startswith('--use')
def main(regrtest_args):
args = [sys.executable,
'-u', # Unbuffered stdout and stderr
'-W', 'default', # Warnings set to 'default'
'-bb', # Warnings about bytes/bytearray
'-E', # Ignore environment variables
# Allow user-specified interpreter options to override our defaults.
args.extend(['-m', 'test', # Run the test suite
'-r', # Randomize test order
'-w', # Re-run failed tests in verbose mode
if sys.platform == 'win32':
args.append('-n') # Silence alerts under Windows
if not any(is_multiprocess_flag(arg) for arg in regrtest_args):
args.extend(['-j', '0']) # Use all CPU cores
if not any(is_resource_use_flag(arg) for arg in regrtest_args):
args.extend(['-u', 'all,-largefile,-audio,-gui'])
print(' '.join(args))
if sys.platform == 'win32':
from subprocess import call
os.execv(sys.executable, args)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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