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[3.6] bpo-30853: IDLE: Convert font and general vars to use VarTrace (G…

…H-2914) (#2935)

Instance tracers manages pairs consisting of a tk variable and a
callback function.  When tracing is turned on, setting the variable
calls the function.  Test coverage for the new class is 100%.
(cherry picked from commit 5b59154)
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terryjreedy committed Jul 28, 2017
1 parent 2cbb673 commit 02f88d2a411a6a789b33be281adfc3570c49efd5
Showing with 47 additions and 62 deletions.
  1. +42 −62 Lib/idlelib/
  2. +5 −0 Misc/NEWS.d/next/IDLE/2017-07-27-10-01-14.bpo-30853.enPvvc.rst
@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@
changes = ConfigChanges()
class ConfigDialog(Toplevel):
"""Config dialog for IDLE.
@@ -75,13 +76,15 @@ def __init__(self, parent, title='', _htest=False, _utest=False):
# self.bind('<Alt-a>', self.Apply) #apply changes, save
# self.bind('<F1>', self.Help) #context help
self.attach_var_callbacks() # Avoid callbacks during load_configs.
# Avoid callbacks during load_configs.
if not _utest:
def create_widgets(self):
"""Create and place widgets for tabbed dialog.
@@ -96,7 +99,6 @@ def create_widgets(self):
load_configs: Load pages except for extensions.
activate_config_changes: Tell editors to reload.
@@ -131,37 +133,9 @@ def load_configs(self):
# note: extension page handled separately
def attach_var_callbacks(self):
"Attach callbacks to variables that can be changed."
self.font_size.trace_add('write', self.var_changed_font)
self.font_name.trace_add('write', self.var_changed_font)
self.font_bold.trace_add('write', self.var_changed_font)
self.space_num.trace_add('write', self.var_changed_space_num)
self.color.trace_add('write', self.var_changed_color)
self.builtin_theme.trace_add('write', self.var_changed_builtin_theme)
self.custom_theme.trace_add('write', self.var_changed_custom_theme)
self.is_builtin_theme.trace_add('write', self.var_changed_is_builtin_theme)
self.highlight_target.trace_add('write', self.var_changed_highlight_target)
self.keybinding.trace_add('write', self.var_changed_keybinding)
self.builtin_keys.trace_add('write', self.var_changed_builtin_keys)
self.custom_keys.trace_add('write', self.var_changed_custom_keys)
self.are_keys_builtin.trace_add('write', self.var_changed_are_keys_builtin)
self.win_width.trace_add('write', self.var_changed_win_width)
self.win_height.trace_add('write', self.var_changed_win_height)
self.startup_edit.trace_add('write', self.var_changed_startup_edit)
self.autosave.trace_add('write', self.var_changed_autosave)
def remove_var_callbacks(self):
"Remove callbacks to prevent memory leaks."
for var in (
self.font_size, self.font_name, self.font_bold,
self.space_num, self.color, self.builtin_theme,
self.custom_theme, self.is_builtin_theme, self.highlight_target,
self.keybinding, self.builtin_keys, self.custom_keys,
self.are_keys_builtin, self.win_width, self.win_height,
self.startup_edit, self.autosave,):
var.trace_remove('write', var.trace_info()[0][1])
def create_action_buttons(self):
"""Return frame of action buttons for dialog.
@@ -273,7 +247,7 @@ def create_page_font_tab(self):
Tabs: Enable users to change spaces entered for indent tabs.
Changing indent_scale value with the mouse sets Var space_num,
which invokes var_changed_space_num, which adds an entry to
which invokes the default callback to add an entry to
changes. Load_tab_cfg initializes space_num to default.
Widget Structure: (*) widgets bound to self
@@ -294,10 +268,10 @@ def create_page_font_tab(self):
(*)indent_scale: Scale - space_num
parent = self.parent
self.font_name = StringVar(parent)
self.font_size = StringVar(parent)
self.font_bold = BooleanVar(parent)
self.space_num = IntVar(parent)
self.font_name = tracers.add(StringVar(parent), self.var_changed_font)
self.font_size = tracers.add(StringVar(parent), self.var_changed_font)
self.font_bold = tracers.add(BooleanVar(parent), self.var_changed_font)
self.space_num = tracers.add(IntVar(parent), ('main', 'Indent', 'num-spaces'))
# Create widgets:
# body and body section frames.
@@ -443,12 +417,6 @@ def load_tab_cfg(self):
'main', 'Indent', 'num-spaces', default=4, type='int')
def var_changed_space_num(self, *params):
"Store change to indentation size."
value = self.space_num.get()
changes.add_option('main', 'Indent', 'num-spaces', value)
def create_page_highlight(self):
"""Return frame of widgets for Highlighting tab.
@@ -518,12 +486,17 @@ def create_page_highlight(self):
'Shell Stderr Text': ('stderr', '13'),
parent = self.parent
self.builtin_theme = StringVar(parent)
self.custom_theme = StringVar(parent)
self.builtin_theme = tracers.add(
StringVar(parent), self.var_changed_builtin_theme)
self.custom_theme = tracers.add(
StringVar(parent), self.var_changed_custom_theme)
self.fg_bg_toggle = BooleanVar(parent)
self.color = StringVar(parent)
self.is_builtin_theme = BooleanVar(parent)
self.highlight_target = StringVar(parent)
self.color = tracers.add(
StringVar(parent), self.var_changed_color)
self.is_builtin_theme = tracers.add(
BooleanVar(parent), self.var_changed_is_builtin_theme)
self.highlight_target = tracers.add(
StringVar(parent), self.var_changed_highlight_target)
##widget creation
#body frame
@@ -1062,10 +1035,14 @@ def create_page_keys(self):
button_save_custom_keys: Button
parent = self.parent
self.builtin_keys = StringVar(parent)
self.custom_keys = StringVar(parent)
self.are_keys_builtin = BooleanVar(parent)
self.keybinding = StringVar(parent)
self.builtin_keys = tracers.add(
StringVar(parent), self.var_changed_builtin_keys)
self.custom_keys = tracers.add(
StringVar(parent), self.var_changed_custom_keys)
self.are_keys_builtin = tracers.add(
BooleanVar(parent), self.var_changed_are_keys_builtin)
self.keybinding = tracers.add(
StringVar(parent), self.var_changed_keybinding)
##widget creation
#body frame
@@ -1169,9 +1146,6 @@ def load_key_cfg(self):
keyset_name = idleConf.CurrentKeys()
def var_changed_builtin_keys(self, *params):
"Process selection of builtin key set."
old_keys = (
@@ -1434,7 +1408,7 @@ def create_page_general(self):
set var startup_edit. Radiobuttons save_ask_on and save_auto_on
set var autosave. Entry boxes win_width_int and win_height_int
set var win_width and win_height. Setting var_name invokes the
var_changed_var_name callback that adds option to changes.
default callback that adds option to changes.
Helplist: load_general_cfg loads list user_helplist with
name, position pairs and copies names to listbox helplist.
@@ -1470,10 +1444,14 @@ def create_page_general(self):
scroll_helplist: Scrollbar
parent = self.parent
self.startup_edit = IntVar(parent)
self.autosave = IntVar(parent)
self.win_width = StringVar(parent)
self.win_height = StringVar(parent)
self.startup_edit = tracers.add(
IntVar(parent), ('main', 'General', 'editor-on-startup'))
self.autosave = tracers.add(
IntVar(parent), ('main', 'General', 'autosave'))
self.win_width = tracers.add(
StringVar(parent), ('main', 'EditorWindow', 'width'))
self.win_height = tracers.add(
StringVar(parent), ('main', 'EditorWindow', 'height'))
# Create widgets:
# body.
@@ -1873,9 +1851,9 @@ def add(self, var, callback):
var: Tk variable instance.
callback: Function to be used as a callback or
a tuple with IdleConf values for default
callback: Either function name to be used as a callback
or a tuple with IdleConf config-type, section, and
option names used in the default callback.
Tk variable instance.
@@ -1908,6 +1886,8 @@ def detach(self):
self.untraced.append((var, callback))
tracers = VarTrace()
help_common = '''\
When you click either the Apply or Ok buttons, settings in this
dialog that are different from IDLE's default are saved in
@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
IDLE -- Factor a VarTrace class out of ConfigDialog.
Instance tracers manages pairs consisting of a tk variable and a
callback function. When tracing is turned on, setting the variable
calls the function. Test coverage for the new class is 100%.

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