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bpo-25612: Add minimal What's New in 3.7 entry (GH-7656)

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ned-deily committed Jun 12, 2018
1 parent 41254eb commit 04290cb9945eca1a97f6924495256c15f29fab41
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@@ -2442,3 +2442,8 @@ Due to a change in the way docstrings are handled by the compiler, the
implicit ``return None`` in a function body consisting solely of a docstring
is now marked as occurring on the same line as the docstring, not on the
function's header line.
The current exception state has been moved from the frame object to the co-routine.
This simplified the interpreter and fixed a couple of obscure bugs caused by
having swap exception state when entering or exiting a generator.
(Contributed by Mark Shannon in :issue:`25612`.)

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