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Add What's new entry for datetime.fromisoformat (GH-5559) (GH-5939)

Documents bpo-15873
(cherry picked from commit 22864bc)

Co-authored-by: Paul Ganssle <>
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2 people authored and abalkin committed Mar 1, 2018
1 parent 398242a commit 0e06be836ca0d578cf9fc0c68979eb682c00f89c
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@@ -502,6 +502,14 @@ Added support for the Blowfish method.
The :func:`~crypt.mksalt` function now allows to specify the number of rounds
for hashing. (Contributed by Serhiy Storchaka in :issue:`31702`.)


Added the :func:`datetime.datetime.fromisoformat` method, which constructs a
:class:`datetime.datetime` object from a string in one of the formats output
by :func:`datetime.datetime.isoformat`. (Contributed by Paul Ganssle in


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