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1. Augment the DG/UX rule so it doesn't break the BeOS build.

2. Add $(EXE) to various occurrences of python so it will work on
   Cygwin with egcs (after setting EXE=.exe).  These patches by
   Norman Vine.
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gvanrossum committed Feb 23, 1999
1 parent 027188a commit 717d1fdf2acbef5e6b47d9b4dcf48ef1829be685
Showing with 19 additions and 15 deletions.
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@@ -164,10 +164,10 @@ LIBRARY= libpython$(VERSION).a

# Default target
all: $(LIBRARY) python sharedmods
all: $(LIBRARY) python$(EXE) sharedmods

# Build the interpreter
python: $(LIBRARY) buildno Modules/python.o
python$(EXE): $(LIBRARY) buildno Modules/python.o
expr `cat buildno` + 1 >buildno1
mv -f buildno1 buildno
$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) -DBUILD=`cat buildno` \
@@ -186,7 +186,7 @@ buildno:
echo 0 >buildno

# Build the shared modules
sharedmods: python
sharedmods: python$(EXE)
cd Modules; $(MAKE) OPT="$(OPT)" VERSION="$(VERSION)" \
prefix="$(prefix)" exec_prefix="$(exec_prefix)" \
@@ -201,9 +201,13 @@ $(LIBRARY): $(SUBDIRS)

# This rule is only here for DG/UX!!!
libpython$(VERSION).so: $(LIBRARY)
test -d dgux || mkdir dgux
(cd dgux;ar x ../$^;ld -G -o ../$@ * )
/bin/rm -rf ./dgux
case `uname -s | tr -d '/ ' | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]'` in \
*dgux*) \
test -d dgux || mkdir dgux; \
(cd dgux;ar x ../$^;ld -G -o ../$@ * ); \
/bin/rm -rf ./dgux \
;; \

# This rule is here for OPENSTEP/Rhapsody/MacOSX
libpython$(VERSION).dylib: $(LIBRARY)
@@ -230,8 +234,8 @@ Modules: Parser Python Objects
# Test the interpreter (twice, once without .pyc files, once with)
TESTPROG= $(srcdir)/Lib/test/
TESTPYTHON= ./python
test: python
TESTPYTHON= ./python$(EXE)
test: python$(EXE)
-rm -f $(srcdir)/Lib/test/*.py[co]
@@ -244,15 +248,15 @@ altinstall: altbininstall libinstall inclinstall libainstall sharedinstall

# Install the interpreter (by creating a hard link to python$(VERSION))
bininstall: altbininstall
-if test -f $(BINDIR)/python; \
then rm -f $(BINDIR)/python; \
-if test -f $(BINDIR)/python$(EXE); \
then rm -f $(BINDIR)/python$(EXE); \
else true; \
(cd $(BINDIR); $(LN) python$(VERSION)$(EXE) python$(EXE))

# Install the interpreter with $(VERSION) affixed
# This goes into $(exec_prefix)
altbininstall: python
altbininstall: python$(EXE)
@for i in $(BINDIR); \
do \
if test ! -d $$i; then \
@@ -342,9 +346,9 @@ libinstall: python $(srcdir)/Lib/$(PLATDIR)
done; \
./python $(LIBDEST)/ $(LIBDEST)
./python$(EXE) $(LIBDEST)/ $(LIBDEST)
./python -O $(LIBDEST)/ $(LIBDEST)
./python$(EXE) -O $(LIBDEST)/ $(LIBDEST)

# Create the PLATDIR source directory, if one wasn't distributed..
@@ -459,7 +463,7 @@ config.status: $(srcdir)/configure
else $(SHELL) $(srcdir)/configure $(WITH); \

.PRECIOUS: config.status python
.PRECIOUS: config.status python$(EXE)

# Rerun configure with the same options as it was run last time,
# provided the config.status script exists
@@ -508,7 +512,7 @@ clean: localclean

localclobber: localclean
-rm -f tags TAGS python $(LIBRARY) $(LDLIBRARY) *.o
-rm -f tags TAGS python$(EXE) $(LIBRARY) $(LDLIBRARY) *.o
-rm -f config.log config.cache config.h

clobber: localclobber

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