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@@ -0,0 +1,29 @@
TROFF= ditroff
MS= -ms

intro: intro.dit
$(PREVIEW) intro.dit

modules: modules.dit
$(PREVIEW) modules.dit

paper: paper.dit
$(PREVIEW) paper.dit

ref: ref.dit
$(PREVIEW) ref.dit

ALL= intro.dit modules.dit paper.dit ref.dit

all: $(ALL)


rm -f $(ALL)

.SUFFIXES: .ms .dit

$(TROFF) $(MS) $*.ms >$@
@@ -0,0 +1,25 @@
This directory contains the source to the Python documentation.

Unfortunately it's not not very readable, complete or up-to-date yet --
in other words, I'm still working on it!

There are four documents and a macro file: macros .so'ed by the documents conference paper about Python informal introduction to Python Python language reference manual description of standard modules

XXX There should also be a man page.

To typeset one of the documents on the default Postscript printer, chdir
to this directory (otherwise the macros aren't found!) and issue the

pstroff -ms

When typesetting all documents, issue a separate command for each.

--Guido (last modified 10 Sep 90)

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replied Oct 23, 2018

Making history! 🐍


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replied Mar 10, 2019

XD @psiemens very interesting read


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replied Jun 3, 2019

I love it

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