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Revert "bpo-34037, asyncio: add BaseEventLoop.wait_executor_on_close (G…

…H-13786)" (#13802)

This reverts commit 0f0a30f.
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ambv committed Jun 4, 2019
1 parent 8f4bbb5 commit 7f9a2ae78051877f4d966119e2fcd27ec77eda1d
@@ -140,18 +140,12 @@ Running and stopping the loop
The loop must not be running when this function is called.
Any pending callbacks will be discarded.

This method clears all queues and shuts down the default executor. By
default, it waits for the default executor to finish. Set
*loop.wait_executor_on_close* to ``False`` to not wait for the executor.
This method clears all queues and shuts down the executor, but does
not wait for the executor to finish.

This method is idempotent and irreversible. No other methods
should be called after the event loop is closed.

.. versionchanged:: 3.8
The method now waits for the default executor to finish by default.
Added *loop.wait_executor_on_close* attribute.

.. coroutinemethod:: loop.shutdown_asyncgens()

Schedule all currently open :term:`asynchronous generator` objects to
@@ -380,8 +380,6 @@ def close(self):
class BaseEventLoop(events.AbstractEventLoop):

def __init__(self):
# If true, close() waits for the default executor to finish
self.wait_executor_on_close = True
self._timer_cancelled_count = 0
self._closed = False
self._stopping = False
@@ -637,7 +635,7 @@ def close(self):
executor = self._default_executor
if executor is not None:
self._default_executor = None

def is_closed(self):
"""Returns True if the event loop was closed."""

This file was deleted.

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