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[3.7] bpo-22865: Expand on documentation for the pty.spawn function (G…

…H-11980) (GH-13455)

(cherry picked from commit 522ccef)

Co-authored-by: Geoff Shannon <>
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RadicalZephyr authored and vstinner committed May 21, 2019
1 parent 50b3f20 commit cdb2dbfe92b95dcd19ccab1a1e9b8c39263c54b0
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@@ -43,11 +43,32 @@ The :mod:`pty` module defines the following functions:

Spawn a process, and connect its controlling terminal with the current
process's standard io. This is often used to baffle programs which insist on
reading from the controlling terminal.
reading from the controlling terminal. It is expected that the process
spawned behind the pty will eventually terminate, and when it does *spawn*
will return.

The functions *master_read* and *stdin_read* are passed a file descriptor
which they should read from, and they should always return a byte string. In
order to force spawn to return before the child process exits an
:exc:`OSError` should be thrown.

The default implementation for both functions will read and return up to 1024
bytes each time the function is called. The *master_read* callback is passed
the pseudoterminal’s master file descriptor to read output from the child
process, and *stdin_read* is passed file descriptor 0, to read from the
parent process's standard input.

Returning an empty byte string from either callback is interpreted as an
end-of-file (EOF) condition, and that callback will not be called after
that. If *stdin_read* signals EOF the controlling terminal can no longer
communicate with the parent process OR the child process. Unless the child
process will quit without any input, *spawn* will then loop forever. If
*master_read* signals EOF the same behavior results (on linux at least).

If both callbacks signal EOF then *spawn* will probably never return, unless
*select* throws an error on your platform when passed three empty lists. This
is a bug, documented in `issue 26228 <>`_.

The functions *master_read* and *stdin_read* should be functions which read from
a file descriptor. The defaults try to read 1024 bytes each time they are

.. versionchanged:: 3.4
:func:`spawn` now returns the status value from :func:`os.waitpid`
@@ -1829,3 +1829,4 @@ Gennadiy Zlobin
Doug Zongker
Peter Åstrand
Zheao Li
Geoff Shannon
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
Add detail to the documentation on the `pty.spawn` function.

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